Girl Scout Golden Ticket!

Find Exclusive Golden Tickets as we Clear Our Cupboards

This is our last week of the 2024 Cookie Program, and we want to go out on a high note!  Help us empty the cupboards by placing a planned order and picking it up from your desired cupboard for a chance to find a “Golden Ticket”. 

Each cupboard has hidden “Golden Tickets” in several of their cookie cases.  Find one of these Golden Tickets in your cookie order and your troop will win a prize!  Your troop could win a prize such as Troop Cookie Dough, a Troop Banner, a Girl Scout branded canopy, a Visit from CEO, Vikki Shepp Ed. D.  to your Troop Meeting, and more.

Guidelines to participate:

  • The troops must place a planned order with their desired cupboard to be picked up now through March 17th. 
  • 25% of any consignment orders must be sold to qualify for prize.

To redeem the Golden Ticket, Email with your ticket number and the subject line: “Golden Ticket” to find out what you’ve won!

Cookie Program Dates to Remember

As you know, the Cookie Program has been extended to help Girl Scouts reach their goals! With an extension on the Cookie Program comes new key dates. Check out the dates below to stay informed on the dates you should make a note to remember.

Girl Scout – Cookie Program Extension dates to remember:
Now – March 31:  Stellar Skills Contest
March 15-March 17: Turn in final balance to Troop/Juliette Cookie Coordinator
February 1-March 10: Connect with Cookie Coordinator to pick up more cookies! 
February 28: Mystery House Begins (Ends March 17)
March 17: The end of the Cookie Program

Dates for Troop Cookie Coordinators and Service Unit Cookie Managers are below.

⯯ Troop Cookie Coordinators – Cookie Program Extension dates to remember:
  • Now – March 31:  Stellar Skills Contest
  • March 15 – March 17: Turn in final balance to Juliette Coordinator
  • February 1 – March 10: Connect with Juliette Coordinator to pick up more cookies! 
  • March 17: The end of the Cookie Program
⯯ Service Unit Cookie Manager – Cookie Program Extension dates to remember:
  • March 15 – Start collecting girls’ final balance due to the troop.
  • March 15-19 – End of Program Processing for Troops
  • March 17 – Cookie Program Ends
  • By March 19 – Final deposits made into troop account to cover final payment. Payment Adjustment form submitted if needed.
  • March 20 by 9:00 am – Troop final reports due to service unit by 9 am.
  • March 20-24 – End of Program Processing for Service Units.
  • March 21 – ACH of final troop payment to council begins.
  • March 24 – Service Unit final reports due to council by 11:59 pm (pacific time)

Cookie Program Update

For all our Girl Scout Go Getters! We understand that the recent storms have made it difficult for to sell cookies going door-to-door and at booth sales. Our Council has been listening to your concerns, and in response, we are happy to announce that we are extending the cookie sale through March 17th!

For more information, please reach out to your Troop or Service Unit Cookie Team.

Rain or shine, cookies are always a good idea!

It’s the time of the year where Girl Scouts are out and about owning their magic and selling Girl Scout cookies no matter what the weather is! Here are some tips that will help you and your cookies stay dry!

  • Dress warm and in layers while representing your Girl Scout Uniform.
  • Have a dry place to store your cookies.
  • Cookie Wagons are a great place to store dry cookies.
  • You can check out official Girl Scout Rain Gear by visiting the Girl Scout Shop site.

Stay dry!

4, 3, 2, 1 Mega Delivery here we come!

What is Mega Delivery?
Mega Delivery is THE Cookie delivery for many Troops. If your Service Unit is a part of the Mega Delivery, participating Troops that placed an Initial Cookie Order will go to Mega Delivery to pick up their orders. Not sure if your Troop is participating in Mega? Please reach out to your Service Unit Cookie Manager or Service Unit Cookie Distributor.

What does your Troop Need to know about Mega? Let’s go through 4 key reminders to prepare your Troop for a successful Mega Delivery.

#1 ALL Troops attending Mega need to recruit up to 2-3 helpers and a designated driver.
Your helpers will include counters and loaders. Counters will confirm the cookie order is accurate and loaders will help get your cookie cases safely organized into your vehicle(s). Loaders and Counters do not need to be registered members. Drivers participating in Mega Delivery must be a registered and background screened adult. Your driver must be behind the wheel as soon as you enter the lot. For everyone’s safety, your driver must stay behind the wheel at all times during the pickup. Please note that Council will not have extra counters and loaders at the Mega Delivery.

#2 What do Troops need to take to Mega?
Troops should arrive promptly to their chosen pickup time. Troops will need to bring a Troop Dashboard Sign and each Troop helper vehicle will need to bring a Troop Helper Dashboard Sign. The Dashboard Signs must be displayed on the drivers front window with the SU and Troop number written in sharpie or a bold marker.
Don’t forget your helpers! Of course we want to remind you to bring your counters and loaders!

#3 How many Cookies can fit in my car?
All Troop Cookie Orders will vary and depending on the size of the order you may need multiple cars. Did you know Troops can bring two vehicles or a U-Haul? We have a great guide to help you determine how many Cookie Cases fit in your vehicle. CLICK HERE to review the guide.

#4 What is my Troop’s Initial Order?
We encourage Troops to bring a copy of the Delivery Station Appointment Summary Report. This Report can be obtained from ABC Smart Cookies. The report will list your Troops Initial Order by the case along with your Troops Mega Delivery pickup time.
Remember: Your Troop is financially responsible for their Cookie Order. Picking up your Initial Order is not optional.

We have more great information to help you during the Mega Delivery. Please Check out the 2024 Mega Delivery Resources:

We look forward to seeing you at the Mega Delivery!

Update: Gluten Free Cookie Order Extension

As of today, an extension to place your Troop’s Gluten Free Cookie order has been made!

Please submit your Troop’s Gluten Free Cookie order by October 18, 2023.

Troops planning to sell the Gluten Free Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies during the 2024 Cookie Program must order cookies by Sunday, October 15, 2023. Gluten-Free cookies cannot be ordered from Cupboards.

Place your order today!
Click here to place your Troop’s Gluten Free Cookie Order today!

Click here to see Troop Gluten Free Cookie Orders that have been submitted.