Cookie Kickoff Volunteer

2024 Cookie Kickoff
Sunday, January 7, 2024
GSOC Headquarters (9500 Toledo Way, Irvine)

Become part of our Cookie Crew!

Support GSOC Girl Scouts by volunteering at
Cookie Kickoff!

We are looking for troops or groups of Cadette, Senior and/or Ambassador Girl Scouts to help plan and run our stations at the 2024 Cookie Kickoff. We need girls who want to share their excitement and knowledge about the Girl Scout Cookie Program. This is part of YOUR Girl Scout Leadership Experience! We have over 15 different stations to choose from plus the option to propose a station you think our guests would learn from and enjoy.

Register for the Cookie Kickoff as Troop Volunteers preferably by November 13. Troop/groups will need to supply adults to meet Safety Activity Checkpoint ratios. Register by December 6 to be guaranteed to receive a Cookie Crew Volunteer t-shirt.

Once we have received your event registration, we will contact you to select the station your troop would like to host.

Once confirmed for your station, a written plan summary will be required by December 1. All approved expenses will be fully reimbursed.

Adult Volunteers Needed!
Positions are available on the leadership team, day-of volunteers, and behind-the-scenes magicians.

More Information!
Arrival time for set up is 8:30am with the event ending at 2:00pm, heading home by 3:00pm

Registration fee is $7
20+ engaging activity stations, Cookie Crew reusable bag and the cookie kickoff workbook ($18.00 value)
Cookie Kickoff T-shirt ($12 value) if registered by December 6th.
Volunteer thank you (exclusive patch – $3 value)

Link to register – Click here
Link to submit station choices – Click here
Station descriptions (list is below)

Cookie Kickoff Stations: Names and Descriptions

Select Your Cookie Kickoff Station

Create a fun, interactive game teaching girls the rewards of working as a team. Relate how working as a team helps a troop to achieve its cookie goals.  Supporting workbook page. 4-5 girls

Create a fun, interactive format where guests create a great list of customers to ask to buy cookies and how to contact them. Think out of the box! The list should go beyond the basics of family, neighbors and teachers. Incorporate how to find customers online. Supporting workbook page. 4-5 girls.

Content created by GSOC. Teach girls how to create a sales calendar for the Cookie Program. Demonstrate how to schedule throughout the sale their online events, social media posts, delivery events, etc… 4-5 girls.

Demonstrate and teach guests how to effectively use the Digital Cookie app to superpower their sales by setting goals, taking and managing orders, tracking deliveries and celebrating achievements throughout the sale. Supporting workbook page. 6-8 girls

Teach guests what cookie dough is and how and where it can be used. Give them their first stamp on their cookie dough passport and encourage them to visit the other stations at the Kickoff to learn about how they can use their cookie dough at Camp Scherman, SU Daycamps, travel, membership and the GS Shop. Supporting workbook page. 3-4 girls

Create a fun, interactive method for guests to learn what the 5 Skills are and how they apply to selling cookies. Guests should be able to discuss with their customers how experiencing the cookie program helps them become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. Supporting workbook page. 4-5 girls

Develop an interactive experience to teach guests how the Girl Scout Law applies to ethical cookie selling. Supporting workbook page. 4-6 girls.

Teach girls how to earn the Entrepreneurship pin with their families. 4-5 girls

Create a fun way for girls to learn how to describe each cookie’s taste. After visiting the station, girls should be experts if a customer needs help deciding on which cookie to purchase. Supporting workbook page. 4-8 girls

Incorporating a goal wall, help girls determine a realistic number of packages to sell this year using what they sold last year, their troop’s goal and the cookie rewards. Encourage guests to set a stretch goal too. Supporting workbook page. 4-5 girls

Assist girls remembering and writing their favorite Girl Scout memory, what is the most exciting thing they’ve learned in Girl Scouts and/or their favorite cookie selling memory. Supporting workbook page. 3-4 girls

Help guests learn and be able to explain to their customers that 100% of the proceeds from the Cookie Program stay in Orange County. Supporting workbook page. 2-4 girls

Help guests view the actual rewards they can earn using the product sales display boards. Also assist them in learning how to earn the additional patches offered by setting goals, selling online, etc. Inspire and excite guests to set a goal to earn the rewards. Supporting workbook page. 3-4 girls

Safety is our top priority! Help guests learn how to sell cookies safely. Create an experience using different selling scenarios where guests will be able to tell the difference between safe and dangerous cookie selling practices in both traditional sale and online sales. Include safe delivery practices for cookies sold online. Supporting workbook page. 4-5 girls

How can service be incorporated into the Cookie Program. “Save Some, Share Some, Spend Some.” Talk about how to use cookie money to help others. 4-5 girls

Using the Virtual Girl Scout Cookie Booth, families will learn how to incorporate virtual sales into their traditional methods. Including ABC social media content into the girl’s personal posts. 4-5 girls

What is cookie share and how can it increase your sales. Demonstrate table-top displays that are effective in catching your customer’s eye, teach guests about the GSOC cookie share beneficiaries, help girls incorporate cookie share into their sales pitch. Include how to sell through your online store or during live video events. Supporting workbook pages. 4-6 girls

As opposed to the Video Production station, this station is more focused on content. Teach girls how to make a short video that gets their sales message across with impact. Teach how to incorporate graphics, girl bling, and props to get their sales pitch across. Supporting workbook page. 4-6 girls

Staff a troop photo station with a Kickoff banner. Banners provided by GSOC. 4-5 girls

Demonstrate how to make a great video using proper lighting, backgrounds, good sound, etc. The emphasis is more on production skills rather than what to say in the video. Include safety items to protect girl privacy. 4-5 girls