Congratulations Goal Getters!

Congratulations to all the goal getter Girl Scouts!

We are inspired by you and all that you have done this year to build on your skills, help out your fellow Girl Scouts, give back to your community and fund your goals! Our Council applauds all the Girl Scouts, Girl Scout families and volunteers who helped. We encourage you to show off your accomplishments on social media and tag us @girlscoutsoc !

And don’t forget, the Stellar Skills Contest is still open! Do you know a Girl Scout who used or learned the 5 cookie business skills? It’s not too late to nominate a Girl Scout who stood out to you. To nominate a Girl Scout with Stellar Skills, click the button below! Enter your Stellar Seller by 3/31/24!

Waiting for the 2024 Cookie Program numbers? Look out for the April Member News for the Cookie Program and Stellar Skills results.

Girl Scout Golden Ticket!

Find Exclusive Golden Tickets as we Clear Our Cupboards

This is our last week of the 2024 Cookie Program, and we want to go out on a high note!  Help us empty the cupboards by placing a planned order and picking it up from your desired cupboard for a chance to find a “Golden Ticket”. 

Each cupboard has hidden “Golden Tickets” in several of their cookie cases.  Find one of these Golden Tickets in your cookie order and your troop will win a prize!  Your troop could win a prize such as Troop Cookie Dough, a Troop Banner, a Girl Scout branded canopy, a Visit from CEO, Vikki Shepp Ed. D.  to your Troop Meeting, and more.

Guidelines to participate:

  • The troops must place a planned order with their desired cupboard to be picked up now through March 17th. 
  • 25% of any consignment orders must be sold to qualify for prize.

To redeem the Golden Ticket, Email with your ticket number and the subject line: “Golden Ticket” to find out what you’ve won!

Cookie Program Dates to Remember

As you know, the Cookie Program has been extended to help Girl Scouts reach their goals! With an extension on the Cookie Program comes new key dates. Check out the dates below to stay informed on the dates you should make a note to remember.

Girl Scout – Cookie Program Extension dates to remember:
Now – March 31:  Stellar Skills Contest
March 15-March 17: Turn in final balance to Troop/Juliette Cookie Coordinator
February 1-March 10: Connect with Cookie Coordinator to pick up more cookies! 
February 28: Mystery House Begins (Ends March 17)
March 17: The end of the Cookie Program

Dates for Troop Cookie Coordinators and Service Unit Cookie Managers are below.

⯯ Troop Cookie Coordinators – Cookie Program Extension dates to remember:
  • Now – March 31:  Stellar Skills Contest
  • March 15 – March 17: Turn in final balance to Juliette Coordinator
  • February 1 – March 10: Connect with Juliette Coordinator to pick up more cookies! 
  • March 17: The end of the Cookie Program
⯯ Service Unit Cookie Manager – Cookie Program Extension dates to remember:
  • March 15 – Start collecting girls’ final balance due to the troop.
  • March 15-19 – End of Program Processing for Troops
  • March 17 – Cookie Program Ends
  • By March 19 – Final deposits made into troop account to cover final payment. Payment Adjustment form submitted if needed.
  • March 20 by 9:00 am – Troop final reports due to service unit by 9 am.
  • March 20-24 – End of Program Processing for Service Units.
  • March 21 – ACH of final troop payment to council begins.
  • March 24 – Service Unit final reports due to council by 11:59 pm (pacific time)

It’s National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend – Get Your Direct Ship Promo!

Celebrate National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend with $5 off shipping on orders of 9 or more packages (excludes cookie donations). 

  • Promo begins 2/16/24 and runs through 10 PM on 2/19/24.
  • Shipping will cost customers the applicable shipping fee less $5.00. 
  • Emails through digital cookie starting on 2/16/24 will advertise the promotion.

Stellar Seller Cookie Program Contest

We know that Girl Scouts have STELLAR SKILLS when it comes to: Goal Setting, Decision Making, People Skills, Business Ethics and Money Management!

Tell us about your STELLAR SKILL by entering the STELLAR SKILLS Cookie Program contest! You have until March 31 to enter.

FIVE girls, one for each of the 5-skills, will be chosen for the STELLAR way each shows how the Girl Scout Cookie Program helped develop her business skill!

For more information about the five business skills learned through the Girl Scout Cookie Program, CLICK on the image!


Girl Scout Adults, Troop Leaders or even the Girl Scout themself can submit their personalized Stellar Skills story & photo by April 9th.  Girl Scouts must apply online, together with a parent or a legal guardian who is 18 years old or older as of the date of entry.

  • Each girl’s Stellar Skills story should include:
  • A photo of herself looking like a Girl Scout Cookie entrepreneur!
  • Mention of cookie badges she’s earned and/or skills she’s learned.
  • Include detailed examples to highlight the skill, and really tell her story!

Enter the Contest today!