Girl Scout Families

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Girl Scout Cookie Program: What Grown-Ups Need to Know Video

  • Wait until the start date of January 14, 2024 to begin the Cookie Program with pre-orders and door to door order taking.
  • Parents are responsible for all products received and money due. Remember to collect a receipt each time you receive cookies or submit money.
  • Check to see if Troop accepts checks.
  • Turn in money to Troop by due dates.
  • Troop proceeds belong to the Troop, not to individual girl members.
  • Girl Scouts may email family and friends to let them know about the sale. No sales may be conducted over an internet website.
  • Rolling Sales are permitted in residential areas ONLY.

  • Parents guide their daughters when making individual learning and sales goals.
  • Parents determine the number of products to order and are responsible for payment of all products received.
  • Parents are responsible for all money collected from customers.
  • Troops set group goals and order products to meet their goals. Parents are asked to respect the troop goals when making decisions about how many products they will be responsible for selling.
  • Troops may not set quotas for individual girls.
  • Troops may not require payment from parents in advance.

  • Sign and return parent responsibility form and permission slips promptly.
  • Help your Girl Scout network with family and friends, but empower her to “ask”.
  • Help her arrange taking orders at your place of work (but only to employees, not customers), place of worship, etc.
  • Offer to be a Troop Helper at booth sales!
  • Allow your Girl Scout to do things for herself.
  • Set–up a cookie stand in front of an OC residential property.