Message from ABC Cookies Regarding the Raspberry Rally and Carmel Chocolate Chip Gluten Free Cookies

Dear ABC Council Partners,  

After much consideration and consultation with GSUSA and the Product Program Steering Committee, ABC will not be able to put the Raspberry Rally cookie back online on March 4. Although we did produce the planned production for the season, demand is so high and quantity so limited that we are not able to guarantee that we will not incur backorders as we did during the last release.

We will put a banner on our Smart Cookies Direct Ship next Wednesday, March 1, indicating that the item is sold out for the season. This should give you time to communicate with your membership. We will also work directly with the councils that were not able to sell any of this item to ensure the best possible outcome for their girls.  

In addition, we expect to be temporarily out of stock on Caramel Chocolate Chip, our gluten free cookie, within the next few days. We will have more production to our fulfillment center by March 7. The banner on Smart Cookies Direct Ship will say “Out of Stock” when that happens.   

We apologize for any inconvenience to you, your members or consumers.

Thank you for your partnership.  
ABC Bakers

Calling All Stellar Sellers!

Calling all Orange County Girl Scouts who have standout cookie business skills! We want first-time sellers and veteran cookie pros alike to enter the Stellar Skills contest. One girl will be selected to represent each of the 5 Skills: Goal Setting, Decision Making, People Skills, Business Ethics, and Money Management. Our Steller Skills girls and their families will be invited to attend the All Stars Celebration, receive a special recognition of their Stellar Skills, and earn a fun patch!

Stellar Skills Flyer (English)
Stellar Skills Flyer (Spanish)

Need some inspiration for crafting your Stellar Skills story? Read Writing Stellar Skills Stories.

How can girls participate?
By submitting their personalized Stellar Skills story & photo by April 9.
Apply online using the online entry form!

Stellar Skills Contest Details

One girl will be selected to represent each of the 5 Skills: Goal Setting, Decision Making, People Skills, Business Ethics, and Money Management.

Who can participate in this contest?
All registered Girl Scouts who are selling cookies during the Girl Scout cookie season, regardless of the number of Girl Scout Cookie Packages sold, can participate in the STELLAR SKILLS contest.

Each girl’s Stellar Skills story should include:

  • A photo of herself looking like a Girl Scout Cookie entrepreneur!
  • Cookie badges she has earned and/or skills she has learned. Browse badges at
  • Memorable, detailed experiences highlighting how she has grown in one of the 5 skills linked to the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

Each girl’s Stellar Skills story should include:

  • A photo of herself looking like a Girl Scout Cookie Entrepreneur
  • Cookie badges and skills she’s earned. Browse badges at
  • Memorable, detailed experiences highlighting how she has grown in one of the 5 skills linked to the Girl Scout Cookie Program

Cookie Share!

Our Cookie Share program allows girls to learn about philanthropy and giving back to the community, while earning proceeds for their troop and credit towards their rewards.

The council virtual Cookie Share Program is a cookie donation opportunity for customers to buy cookies to be distributed to our nation’s military and local food banks. These purchases will be delivered directly from the council to our community partners. 

The benefits to participate in the Council Virtual Cookie Share are:

  • Girls receive credit towards their rewards for virtual Cookie Share sales.
  • Troops receive proceeds for each package of virtual Cookie Share sold.
  • Customers are given the chance to give to others while supporting Girl Scouts.
  • Virtual Cookie Share donations are tax deductible.
  • Cookie inventory is managed by the Council.
  • Cookie Delivery is handled by the Council.
  • More information on Cookie Share can be found in your Troop Plan Book, pages 8, and 34-38.

How Do I Enter Cookie Share in ABC?

Girls should report any online Girl Delivery Cookie Share purchases to their Troop Cookie Coordinator.  The Troop Cookie Coordinator must allocate these Cookie Share packages to the girl in ABC Smart Cookies. 

Here’s how:

  • Option One – If the troop is participating in the council’s VIRTUAL Cookie Share program, the Troop Cookie Coordinator makes the entry for the girl using the “Virtual Cookie Share” feature under the “Orders” tab in ABC Smart Cookies.
  • Option Two – If the troop is donating cookies to their own organization (Troop’s Own Cookie Share), the Troop Cookie Coordinator will order their cookie share packages from a cupboard and allocate those cookie packages to the girls who sold them using the “Transfer” feature under the “Orders” tab in ABC Smart Cookies.

Cookie Share orders placed through the direct ship option will automatically show up in the girl’s totals and will be included in the council’s VIRTUAL Cookie Share Program.  To see these totals run the “Girl Cookie Order Detail Summary” under reports.  The direct ship Cookie Share orders will appear under the Cookie Share column on the report.  These orders cannot be switched to be included in a Troop’s Own Cookie Share donation.

Follow pages 34-38 in your Troop Plan Book for step by step directions

Raspberry Rally Inventory

We want to update you on information recently received from ABC Bakers, GSOC’s cookie supplier.  

This past weekend, ABC Bakers oversold Raspberry Rally cookies, resulting in the cancellation of some orders that contained the Raspberry Rally cookies. Below is background leading to this action. 

On Friday, February 10, ABC Bakers released additional Raspberry Rally cookies for sale. By Sunday, February 12, Girl Scouts had already sold through this inventory (in less than 48 hours). 

We were recently made aware that ABC Bakers accidentally oversold their available quantity of Raspberry Rally cookies. Due to limitations within the Smart Cookies platform, ABC Bakers is not able to fulfill partial orders and had to cancel and refund all orders of Raspberry Rally Cookies, including orders that contained Raspberry Rally Cookies and additional flavors. Customers whose orders were cancelled have been notified by ABC Bakers. 

As Girl Scouts across Orange County continue to fulfill the demand for everyone’s favorite cookies, please remember to share the wide variety of delicious flavors we have through our remaining nine varieties.  

Thank you for all you to do to support Girl Scouts in Orange County. 

ABC Smart Cookies Raspberry Rally Inventory FAQ link

Raspberry Rally Restock

Raspberry Rally Cookies are available online only while supplies last

Due to extremely high demand, Raspberry Rally cookies are currently out of stock again. We are excited by the success of the online only cookie and the potential it holds for Girl Scouts selling skills! 

Make sure to mark your calendars! Raspberry Rally Cookies will be back one final time in a very limited quantity on March 4th at 12:00 AM EST to allow late starting Councils an opportunity to sell. This will be the final release of inventory and we will be sold out for the season once stock is depleted.

Valentine In The Morning’s $5,000 Girl Scout Cookie Buy!

Valentine in the Morning Girl Scout Cookie Buy

The Valentine In The Morning 
$5,000 Girl Scout Cookie Buy is back!

Nominate your Girl Scout Troop NOW!

Valentine In The Morning wants to buy $5,000 in cookies
from your Girl Scout Troop!

Nominate your troop and then rally your troops to VOTE!
The troop with the most votes will get the $5,000 cookie order. 

All the cookies purchased will be donated to
The Bob Hope USO at LAX, strengthening
America’s military service members by keeping
them connected to family, home and country.

Contest Timeline:
Nominations: Monday 2/6 6am – Wednesday 2/22 10am
Voting: Friday 2/24 6am – Sunday 3/5 11:59pm

Winner announced Wednesday 3/8 with Valentine in the Morning

Click here for official rules!


Adult Booth Sale Training

Don’t forget, Booth Sales begin Friday, February 10th! Please be sure that you are prepared for your booth sales by having all participating adults complete the Adult Booth Sale Training for 2023. This module is for all adults who will support the Cookie Program at a Cookie Booth Sale; that could include the Troop Cookie Coordinator, Leaders, and any parents participating in cookie sales with their girl. 

Please note, this module is interactive and requires you to read through and interact with elements to move on. This means, you will need to read it carefully and may need to click on pictures or numbers to move through to the end.  

The training is available in both English and Spanish. It can be found on under the Resources tab and then Booth Sale Resources drop down menu; it is titled Adult Booth Sale Training for 2023. It is also available at the top of the home page on If you have any questions please contact you Troop Cookie Coordinator.

Click here for tips on how to navigate through your Adult Booth Training!