Cookie Program Update

For all our Girl Scout Go Getters! We understand that the recent storms have made it difficult for to sell cookies going door-to-door and at booth sales. Our Council has been listening to your concerns, and in response, we are happy to announce that we are extending the cookie sale through March 17th!

For more information, please reach out to your Troop or Service Unit Cookie Team.

During the Cookie Program Girl Scouts use their Entrepreneurial skills to run their Cookie Businesses. Part of being an entrepreneur is practicing business ethics.

At Cookie Booths, remember to practice business ethics by being honest and responsible. Here are some other tips on how to practice business ethics at a Cookie Booth:

  • Girl Scouts should be friendly and professional when speaking to customers
  • Cookie Booth Guidelines should be honored
  • Being responsible is important, remember to bring everything you need to a Cookie Booth
  • Be neat and clean with your Cookie Booth and dispose of trash correctly
  • Remember to be courteous and respectful to the store customers and associates
  • Thank every customer for supporting your Cookie Business

To learn more about the Entrepreneurial skills a Girl Scout learns, check out this link to learn more about the 5 skills!

Allocating Online Girl Delivery and Donation Order Cookie Shares

The Troop Cookie Coordinator can run the “Order Data” report in Digital Cookie to see all direct shipped, Online Girl Delivery, and Donation Cookie Share orders.  Online Girl Delivery and Donation Cookie Share packages must be allocated to the girl in ABC Smart Cookies. 

Here’s how: 
Option One – If the troop is participating in the council’s VIRTUAL Cookie Share program, the Troop Cookie Coordinator makes the entry for the girl using the “Virtual Cookie Share” feature under the “Orders” tab in ABC Smart Cookies.  See page 36 in the Troop Plan Book for step-by-step instructions. 

Option Two – If the troop is donating cookies to their own organization (Troop’s Own Cookie Share) and has submitted the “Intent to Donate Form” to council, the Troop Cookie Coordinator will order their cookie share packages from a cupboard and allocate those cookie packages to the girls who sold them using the “Transfer” feature under the “Orders” tab in ABC Smart Cookies.  See page 37 in the Troop Plan Book for step-by-step instructions. 

Cookie Share orders placed through the direct ship option will automatically show up in the girls’ totals and will be included in the council’s VIRTUAL Cookie Share Program.  To see these totals run the “Order Data” report in Digital Cookie.  The direct ship Cookie Share orders will appear under the “Donation” column on the report.  These orders cannot be switched to be included in a Troop’s Own Cookie Share donation. 

The customers’ payments for Direct Ship, Online Girl Delivery, and Donation orders will automatically be credited to the girl’s account in Digital Cookie and to the Troop’s account in ABC Smart Cookies.  These payments can be seen on the “Girl Balance Summary” and the “Troop Balance Summary” reports as well as in the “Financial Transaction” feature on the “Finances” tab in ABC Smart Cookies. 

Mystery House Contest is almost here!

What is a Mystery House?
During the Cookie Program there is at least ONE secret Mystery House in nearly every Service Unit. Each Girl Scout to stop by a Mystery House location and/or leave a cookie door hanger will receive a certificate and a special Mystery House patch in the mail!

The Mystery House Contest starts February 28, 2024! Come back to this site to see the clues to find a Mystery House near you.

It’s National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend – Get Your Direct Ship Promo!

Celebrate National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend with $5 off shipping on orders of 9 or more packages (excludes cookie donations). 

  • Promo begins 2/16/24 and runs through 10 PM on 2/19/24.
  • Shipping will cost customers the applicable shipping fee less $5.00. 
  • Emails through digital cookie starting on 2/16/24 will advertise the promotion.

Stellar Seller Cookie Program Contest

We know that Girl Scouts have STELLAR SKILLS when it comes to: Goal Setting, Decision Making, People Skills, Business Ethics and Money Management!

Tell us about your STELLAR SKILL by entering the STELLAR SKILLS Cookie Program contest! You have until March 31 to enter.

FIVE girls, one for each of the 5-skills, will be chosen for the STELLAR way each shows how the Girl Scout Cookie Program helped develop her business skill!

For more information about the five business skills learned through the Girl Scout Cookie Program, CLICK on the image!


Girl Scout Adults, Troop Leaders or even the Girl Scout themself can submit their personalized Stellar Skills story & photo by April 9th.  Girl Scouts must apply online, together with a parent or a legal guardian who is 18 years old or older as of the date of entry.

  • Each girl’s Stellar Skills story should include:
  • A photo of herself looking like a Girl Scout Cookie entrepreneur!
  • Mention of cookie badges she’s earned and/or skills she’s learned.
  • Include detailed examples to highlight the skill, and really tell her story!

Enter the Contest today!