Celebrate National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend!

National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend is February 22-24, 2019! Purchasing cookies from Girl Scouts not only yields delicious treats but also powers the Girl Scout Movement and gives back to the community by funding troops’ important work! See below for some ways to celebrate!

  • Wear your Girl Scout uniform to school (vest/sash, GS pins, white shirt, and khaki bottoms)
  • Host a Cookie Stand on an Orange County residence
  • Ask your TCC how to participate in a Booth Sale
  • Use ABCSmartCookies to set goals
  • Use ABCSmartCookies to sell cookies online
  • Earn a Cookie Business Badge
  • Print out Cookie Share Receipts and sell Cookie Share to spread the joy of Girl Scout cookies to our military and food bank recipients
  • Go on a Walkabout with your troop and try to find a Mystery House!

Find these Selling Tools and more at girlscoutsoc.org/cookietools and GSCookiesEtc.org:

Tell us how you celebrated National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend! Have your parent post a photo to our Facebook page or email MarCom@GirlScoutsOC.org.

Cookie Share Jar for Booth Sales

During Booth Sales, encourage customers to donate cookies to charitable organizations (like the Military or Second Harvest Food Bank) by using a Cookie Share Jar!

Find the jar labels here and the soldier pictures for the bottom of the jar here. You can use any jar and any items you want to add to the jar (this is just one idea).

Remember both girls and troops will receive credit for every box donated to Cookie Share!