Girl Activities

Create Your Avatar and Customized Patch

Creating an avatar is fun and easy. You will also be able to upload a photo and video for friends and family to see. This step is optional, but has been proven to increase sales. Girls have the opportunity to earn their own avatar patch!  Girls who send at least fifteen emails through M2OS have 148% higher sales than girls who don’t.

Girls with $325 in online sales can turn their avatar creation into their very own customized patch!

Troop Product Coordinators will earn their own customized patch too!

Badge Tie-Ins
See below for Fall Product badge tie-ins based on grade level. 

  • Daisies
    • Responsible For What I Say and Do Badge: For girls selling fall product who want to be responsible and knowledgeable about what they are selling.
  • Brownies
    • Snacks Badge: Search online for recipes for a sweet snack to make.
    • Give Back Badge: Find out about businesses who “give back.”
  • Juniors
    • Innovation: Observe what makes a good product.
    • Simple Meals Badge: Girls to learn about professional cooking.
    • Get Moving Badge: Discuss different energies are used.
  • Cadettes
    • New Cuisines Badge: For girls who are learning about how different cultures and new recipes.
    • Cookie Business Badge: Marketing badge for girls learning about brand identity.
    • Entrepreneur Badge: For girls learning to innovate based on brainstorming business ideas and to improve on them as they learn how to be an entrepreneur.
  • Seniors
    • Girl Scout Way Badge: Showcase own traditions by making  a three-minute film or digital slide show that shows your ideas about why Girl Scout traditions are important and how they benefit girls.
    • Locavore Badge: Make two different dishes that showcase the same ingredient.
    • Women’s Health Badge: Design a public service announcement or presentation.
  • Ambassadors
    • Dinner Party Badge: Build a menu around your favorite ingredient. Get tips from food professionals.
    • Research and Development Badge: Find at least three companies that have developed new ways to tell customers about their products. Find out how companies use R&D to improve their products.

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