Troop End of Sale Processing

The 2021 Fall Product Program has ended! Please see below for some Troop End of Sale Processing reminders: (Troop Plan Book page 16)

  • Record girl final payments into M2OS.
  • Make final deposits into TROOP bank account.
  • Make final entries for nut sales, booth sales, and Care to Share in M2OS.
  • Make sure all units from the Troop Cupboard have been allocated to girls.
  • Verify girl rewards and include any adjustments in the body of your email to the Service Unit.
  • Complete the Fall Product Program Evaluation (coming soon).

Troop final reports and emails are due to Service Unit Product Managers on November 17 at 9am (make sure to cc the Troop Treasurer and Leaders). Please include the following in your emails:

  • “Processing Complete” OR “Unresolved Issue” in the subject of your email.
  • All details of any pending problems in the body of the email and attach documentation (signed receipts).
  • Note if your troop submitted a parent Delinquency Report, Counterfeit Bill Report, or asked for a Payment Adjustment.

Troop’s payment will be delayed until issue has been resolved.

Please email with any additional questions.