2022 Fall Product News: Troop Product Coordinators

September 15, 2022

Quick Checklist for Troop Product Coordinators

Now (Troop Plan Book page 4)

  • Update your information in M2OS
  • Verify all girls are listed in M2OS

September 18 (Troop Plan Book pages 7-8)

  • Send parent email blast through M2OS with a link to the M2 Operating System (M2OS) and instructions on how to participate.  Step by step instructions on how to send the email blast can be found on page 8 of the Troop Plan Book.  There is also a Parent Guardian Email Blast training video located on www.gscookiesetc.org/fallproduct for information on how to send the email blast to the parents.
  • Remind Girls & Parents to:
    • Watch for their launch email you will be sending through M2OS
    • Click on the M2OS Media link under the Helpful Links section on www.gscookiesetc.org/fallproduct to set goals & send emails if they do not receive their launch email.
    • Email family, friends, and former customers
    • Track their online sales from their Dashboard
    • Create their Avatar
    • Upload their photo or video to share with family and friends
    • Retrieve their personal QR code to use on door hangers in M2OS
    • Create and print flyers and business cards from M2OS
    • Create and customize their message to customers reminding them to place their orders by October 16th, 2022

October 6 (Troop Plan Book page 9)

GSOC will begin uploading troop banking information into M2OS.  Please complete a new online Troop Banking form if there is a change in your troop’s banking information.

October 17 and 18 (Troop Plan Book page 9)

  • Ensure girls have made their reward choices in M2OS by 9:00 pm on October 17, 2022
  • Download reports listed in Troop Plan Book

Please note:  The troop reports will not be complete until after October 19th when council has submitted the nut and reward orders. 

Customer Returns and Damages

In case a customer receives a damaged product and/or decides to return product.  They must contact M2 Customer Care at 800-372-8520 or support.gsnutsandmags.com.  One call to M2 will take care of everything!