Girl Scout Tin With Mint Trefoil Announcement

Due to the popularity of our Mint Trefoils in the Girl Scout tin and robust orders this season, our nut and candy vendor (Trophy) just informed us that they will be substituting the 2021 Girl Scout tin for this year’s version for all Direct Ship sales. This was decided to preserve this year’s Girl Scout tin for girl delivered orders.  In addition, Mint Trefoils will also be offered in a gable box (no tin).

There will be a short transition period on the M2OS site from noon on Friday, October 7 until Friday, October 14th as this change is made, and it is possible that Mint Trefoils may not be available in the Girl Scout tin during this time. We will continue to update you as we have more information. Thank you for your understanding and for all you do to support our Girl Scout entrepreneurs!

It’s Almost time for the Online 2022 Fall Product Program!

This year it is easier than ever to participate in the Fall Product Program!  All girls participate online through digital sales. Girls may send emails inviting friends and family to order products online.  Customers will have two options to purchase products through the email they receive.

  • Direct Ship Option:  Customers can choose the Direct Ship option where they will have the ability to purchase from a full assortment of Girl Scout products or magazines, and pay with a credit card.  These items will be directly sent to the customer, with no money to collect or product to deliver.  Shipping and handling fees will apply.  Girls can also share their storefront with direct ship only on social media with adult supervision.
  • Online Girl Delivered Option: Girls can choose to offer an online girl delivered option to customers in the local area where the customer pays for nuts online with a credit card and then the girl delivers the online girl delivered order.  All sales and payments are automatically reported in M2OS.  With this option, customers can select from the 16 nut and candy items listed on page 5 of the Family Guide.

There is no financial risk to troops or families as there is no money to collect or leftover product to handle!