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Questions about Selling
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Questions about Selling

When can we start selling? GSOC Girl Scouts may begin selling Fall Product on Saturday, September 25, 2021. Each Council sets its own start date for the Fall Product and Cookie programs. Girls may NOT distribute, take orders, or make direct sales until our Council’s start date. Early selling is not in keeping with good Business Ethics, and girls may lose credit for any sales made prior to the official start date.

Can Troops set quotas on how much my daughter should sell? No. Parents determine the number of products to order and are responsible for payment of all products received.

Do we pay for products in advance? No. Troops and parents are not required to pay in advance. Payment is collected from customers at time of delivery and money is turned into the Troop who then pays the Council for all products received by the troop.

Will girls be able to sell door-to-door, set up Fall Product Stands, and participate in booth sales during the 2021 Fall Product Program due to COVID-19? We are closely monitoring COVID-19 Guidance from local and national health authorities to determine if in-person booths and activities will be made available for the upcoming Fall Product and Cookie Program. At the time of this publication, a decision has not yet been made. As Girl Scouts, we have a responsibility to our community to do all that we can to limit the spread of coronavirus. GSOC will keep girls and adults informed of any changes as we get closer to September 25, 2021 – the start of the Fall Product Program.

In the meantime, please click here for Safe Selling Strategies.

Where can we sell? As long as state and local health authorities allow, Girls may sell Fall Product in person in Orange County residential areas only by going door-to-door or by setting up a Fall Product stand on an Orange County residential property. Girls need permission to sell anywhere else. The only time girls may sell outside Orange County zip codes are to family members and close friends, at parent’s/guardian’s workplace to co-workers (not customers), and online using the M2 Media software, M2OS.

Can parent/daughter teams sell Fall Products? Yes! They can make direct sales door to door, at their work place, knitting circle, Bunco group, etc.

Can my daughter and I set up a Girl Scout stand in front of our house? Yes, provided you reside in Orange County! Fall Product Stands are permitted on a OC residence for the entire Fall Product program period with parental supervision and as their city and/or home owners’ associations allow.

Can girls sell online? Girls may market their Fall Products to family and friends online through the M2 Media software, M2OS, providing they review and sign the Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge and follow all Girl Scout safety guidelines. Check with your Troop Product Coordinator or Troop Leader for more details.

Where do I get the Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge?  Download, read, and sign the Pledge here

Can girls post on Social Media? Girls may only post about their participation in the online programs on social media sites that allow them to restrict access to friends and family through accounts set to “private” (e.g. Facebook), and not to social media sites open to anyone (e.g. Craigslist or e-Bay). Girls should only sell online to family and friends.

Can girls/parents post girl’s information on public facing site (e.g. Neighborhood Facebook page)?  No. For safety purposes and other reasons, friends and family of a girl participating in the Fall Product should not market or share a girl’s contact information, sales links, or sales information on public-facing online sites. They also should not share their sales link with any news outlets (this includes online and traditional news media, such as radio, television, or magazines). Online marketing activities, especially those conducted through social media platforms, should always be done through accounts set to “private”.

Do participating adults have to take training? Yes, every adult attending a booth sale must take Online Booth Sale Training. Even parents who conduct Parent/Daughter booths are required to take the training. Find the training at GSCookiesEtc.org/FallProduct

What is a rolling sale? Putting Fall Products in a wagon or bag and going door-to-door in an Orange County residential neighborhood. Rolling sales are not to be held in shopping centers, parks, or beaches except with permission from the SU Booth Sale Coordinator during the Booth Sale period.  

When can we set-up Fall Product Stands? Fall Product stands are permitted on OC residential property for the entire Fall Product program period with parental supervision and as their city and/or homeowner’s associations permit.

What is a Walkabout? When Girl Scouts work together to map out then walk a neighborhood selling nuts or magazines door-to-door in a residential area. Girls require adult guidance for these efforts. It is not really a booth sale because you are walking through residential neighborhoods, not parks, beaches or shopping centers. 

What is a Caravan? Cadette, Senior, and Ambassador Girl Scouts go door-to-door with a buddy in a residential area while the supervising adults follow in a car with the nuts. Girls require adult guidance for these efforts. It is not really a booth sale because you are walking through residential neighborhoods, not parks, beaches or shopping centers. 

Can I have a rolling sale/Walkabout/Caravan in a shopping center, park or other public area?  No. In order to maintain good relationships with property managers, stores and to be fair, only booth sales are allowed in non-residential areas. All booth sales must be coordinated through your Service Unit Booth Sale Coordinator.

Can we do a rolling sale/Walkabout/Caravan as a Troop at one of our meetings?  Yes! What a fun outing for your troop and a great way to help girls reach their goals!

Can we do a rolling sale as a family? Yes! Girl Scouts embraces family involvement.

What is a booth sale? A booth sale is a Fall Product or Cookie placed in front of a business, on a street corner or in any public space. Only Service Unit Booth Sale Coordinators may arrange for booth sale locations and assign troops. Service Unit Booth Sale Coordinators secure the sites by working with the property managers and stores to ensure permission and insurance requirements are met.

Can I have a booth sale on a street corner? Yes, but only if the location is safe for girls and customer vehicles and if the Service Unit Booth Sale Coordinator has verified that the city will allow this.

Can parent/daughter teams run a booth sale at a shopping center? Yes! Parent/daughter(s) teams may run a booth sale for their troop provided it is reserved by the Troop Product Coordinator through the Service Unit Booth Sale Coordinator. Allow for time between shifts for rest and meal breaks. Parents must complete online Adult Booth Sale training and briefing by Troop Product Coordinator or Troop Leader before they assist their daughter(s) with booth sales. Troop Product Coordinator and parent must determine in advance if the products being sold are to be girl additional sales where the family is responsible for all product taken or troop booth sale units which can be returned to the troop. If determined they are troop booth sale units, then parent must register as Girl Scout Adult Troop Helpers. Please contact CustomerCare@GirlScoutsOC.org if you need assistance registering for this role. 

Can I bring another Girl Scout with me to our parent/daughter booth sale? Unfortunately no, anything beyond one parent/girl booth sale is a troop activity and must meet safety guidelines requiring two screened, briefed, and trained Girl Scout Troop Helper adults. 

Do I need permission slips for booth sales? Yes! Permission slips are required for parent/girl and troop booth sales. Permission slips are also required for girls participating in an activity.

May we have a donation jar at our Booth Sale? No. Girls/Troops may not have donation jars at Booth Sales because we have permits to sell nuts and snacks, not to solicit donations. However, a “Care to Share” jar for Fall Product to be donated to the military, local food banks, or charitable organizations is permitted. Money should be collected from each customer and they should be provided with a Care to Share receipt. For safety, a Care to Share jar should not contain cash, but a symbolic item for each purchase instead. If a customer says “keep the change” girls may accept it, but they should never solicit monetary donations.

Our Service Unit doesn’t have any booth sale locations remaining. Can I go somewhere else? Yes, but you must contact your Service Unit Booth Sale Coordinator who will connect with neighboring service units to reserve open booth sale slots for you.

We need to cancel a booth sale due to illness. What do we do?  Call your Service Unit Booth Sale Coordinator right away so another troop can have your spot.

Can I take product and to sell at work and social groups? Yes!

Does my daughter get credit for product sold at booth sales?  Yes! Check with your Leader to see what level of rewards your daughter has achieved so far.

Product Information

Refer to our Fall Product Vendor Ashdon Farms for nutritional information about our Girl Scout nut and chocolate products.

Are any Girl Scout Fall Products kosher?  Yes!

Are any Girl Scout Fall Products gluten-free? Yes!

Do Girl Scout Fall Products have trans-fat?  Girl Scouts is proud that many Girl Scout products are “zero trans-fat per serving.”  Selected varieties can claim 100% trans-fat-free status, meaning there are no trans-fat in the entire package.

Why use partially hydrogenated oils at all? The chocolate coating in some products requires very specific characteristics to function correctly.  Currently there are no acceptable alternatives to partially hydrogenated oil that provide the needed characteristics.

Why does the order card have a Proposition 65 Warning for the Girl Scout Fall Program Products? Proposition 65 is a California law that requires a clear and reasonable warning to consumers for products that contain chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. Some Girl Scout Fall Products contain the chemical acrylamide, which was discovered in 2002 and is formed by the reaction of naturally occurring sugars and a particular amino acid when food is cooked at higher temperatures, such as when baked, roasted or fried. With few exceptions, the chemicals in food that appear on the Proposition 65 list are not intentionally added to food. They are picked up from the soil or formed during cooking or other processes.

You have likely seen Proposition 65 statements at various restaurants and establishments that carry food. Proposition 65 includes a very wide range of safety factors when determining what chemicals are included on the Proposition 65 list. Given the difficulty of determining what is a carcinogen and the extremely wide range of safety factors used by California, there is often a great deal of controversy regarding chemicals added to the Proposition 65 list. The purpose of Proposition 65 is to alert consumers to potential risk and enable them to make an informed decision regarding the products they consume.

What is the Proposition 65 Warning? The following warning will appear for some/all Girl Scout nut or candy products on girls’ order cards and on the licensed vendor websites (for directly shipped and girl-delivered orders) sold in California.

WARNING: Consuming this product can expose you to chemicals, including acrylamide, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information, go to http://p65warnings.ca.gov/food

How does a Girl Scout explain this to a consumer? The information for Prop 65 is listed at the end of the statement on the girl order card. We should enable consumers to make their own decisions. In the event your Girl Scouts, receive a question related to the Proposition 65 warning, we have created the following resource to support you and your girl in answering questions.

Where can I go to learn more about Proposition 65? The website for Prop 65 is p65warnings.ca.gov. 

What does GSOC do with unsold products? We work closely with our volunteers, our girls, and our vendor to put into action the very skills girls learn through the fall program, like goal setting and inventory management. The small quantity of unsold products we had at the end of last year’s season were used for public relations or donated by our council to a local food bank. In addition, Orange County Girl Scouts sold more than 3,599 cans of nuts and 1816 magazine vouchers last year through our “Care to Share” program that were donated to the military and a local food bank. Girl Scouts of Orange County has not destroyed any Girl Scout products, nor have we returned products to our vendor that have later been destroyed.

What is the shipping cost? Please see the Shipping Information sheet for information on delivery and shipping costs.

Fall Product Revenue 

How does Fall Product revenue benefit girls? All the net revenue earned from product programs—every penny after paying the vendor—stays within Orange County. This includes the portion that goes directly to the troop selling Fall Products. Troops receive $3.00 for every magazine subscription/renewal and 90¢ for nut, candy, and Care to Share items sold to reward the team effort and help support their Girl Scout activities. Troops decide how their proceeds will be spent. Girls receive patches and prizes to reward their individual efforts.

Are Girl Scout Product purchases tax-deductible?

  • No, if the customer keeps the products.
  • Yes, if the customer leave the products with Girl Scouts as a Care to Share donation. Girl Scouts, be sure to give your customers a Care to Share receipt.

Do Girl Scouts pay for Fall Products in advance? No.Troops and parents are not required to pay in advance. Payment is collected from customers at time of delivery and money is turned into the Troop who then pays the Council for all products received by the troop. After the funds have been accounted for, troops will receive a portion of the proceeds deposited in their troop bank account.

Care to Share – Community Service Project

What is Care To Share? Care to Share is a Girl Scout community service project which allows girls the opportunity to sell virtual Care to Share nut/snack items and magazine vouchers that are distributed to our nation’s soldiers and local food banks. 

How do girls sell Care To Share donations? Selling Care to Share is easy. Girls ask every customer if they’d like to participate in the Care To Share program. Girls collect $6.00 for each order and provide the customer with a Care To Share receipt. Customers do not choose the product or organization and troops do not receive these virtual items. Girls record this sale on their order cards and/or notify their troop. The Council delivers the products and vouchers to the organizations.

Can our Troop sell Care To Share at our Booth Sale? Yes! It’s easy to sell Care to Share everywhere. You can sell Care to Share donations at booth sales, rolling sales, during order taking and as part of door-to-door direct sales. Money for Care to Share is collected at the time of order/purchase. Customers receive a receipt instead of product.

May we have a Care to Share donation jar at our Booth Sale? Yes. A Care to Share jar that is collecting $6 from each customer and then providing them with a Care to Share receipt is fine. For safety, a Care to Share jar should not contain cash, but a symbolic item for each purchase instead. Girls/Troops may not have donation jars at Booth Sales because we have permits to sell nut and snacks, not solicit donations. If a customer says “keep the change” girls may accept it, but they should never solicit monetary donations.

Are Care to Share purchases tax deductible? Yes! The customer does not receive the Girl Scout product and does not benefit directly from paying for them so the purchase price is a charitable contribution.

Where do I get Care To Share receipts? Care to Share receipts are available on the Resources & Forms page of www.GSCookiesEtc.org for you to download and print.

Can our Troop choose another organization for Care To Share? Yes, but you will need to order and deliver the products as a troop and complete a donation agreement form.

What do girls need to do to get a Care To Share patch? Girls who sell 8+ virtual nut/candy items as a Care To Share donation will earn the Care To Share patch.

Can customers purchase magazine vouchers through the Care to Share program? No, magazine vouchers are not available for the Care to Share program.

We Need More Nut & Snack Products!

Where can I get more products to sell?  Girls/parents should contact their Leaders. Troops usually have some inventory on hand. Troops needing additional nut products can contact one of our volunteer cupboards at least 24 hours in advance. See your Troop Plan book for details.

Can Troops get individual cans of nuts at the cupboard? Yes! Nut and chocolate items are ordered and sold by the product unit. You do not need to take product in case lots. 

We’ve sold all of our nuts but we have another booth sale scheduled. What do we do? Contact a cupboard for more nuts and/or sell virtual Care To Share donations.

Can Troops return nuts to the cupboard? No. Food products are not returnable or exchangeable. Only damaged products may be exchanged at a cupboard. 

I just found out that my daughter is only a few cans away from the next recognition. Can I buy some more cans so she can earn it?  Yes if it’s before the end of the sale. Contact your Troop Product Coordinator for more products. It’s a good idea for your daughter to keep track of her progress throughout the sale so she can celebrate reaching her goal!

After The Sale

Can we sell Fall Product after the sale ends?  Yes. Money and paperwork is due to Troop Product Coordinator on November 14, 2021 and cupboards close, but troops/girls that still have nut products may continue to sell until they have emptied their inventory.

Can we have a booth sale in a shopping center after the sale ends?  Maybe. It depends upon several factors including when our business permits expire for your city.  Contact your Service Unit Booth Sale Coordinator or the Council if you are interested in booth sales after the fall sale ends.

OC Bucks

What are OC Bucks? OC Bucks is a girl recognition item earned for selling Girl Scout fall products. It is good for a year, expiring on April 30th, and can be used only with the Girl Scouts of Orange County.

Cookie Dough/OC Bucks/Juliette Dollars Frequently Asked Questions
Cookie Dough/OC Bucks/Juliette Dollars Reimbursement Form

How can OC Bucks be used?  OC Bucks may be used to pay for:

  • GSOC Council Service Fee
  • Service Unit Girl Scout events and/or day camp
  • Items purchased from GSOC Shop
  • GSOC Resident Camp
  • GSOC Weekend Camp
  • GSOC Events (see details here)
  • Girl Scout destinations (see details here)
  • Gold Award expenses (project must be approved by GSOC)
  • Girl Scout Lifetime Membership (submitted to Council office by September 1st for Girl Scout Ambassadors who are graduating high school only)
  • Fund Her Success (tax-deductible donation that makes it possible for Girl Scouts of Orange County to provide a safe and inclusive girl-led environment, hands-on experiences, enriching outdoor adventures, financial assistance, and more!)
  • Buy a Girl a Uniform

How do girls redeem OC Bucks?

  • For Council Service Fee – Troop or parent completes online Membership process and Council Service Fee payment. Girl submits receipt & card to Troop Leader. Troop submits for reimbursement using the online Reimbursement Form.
  • For Service Unit Events or Day Camp (local community) – girls submit their card with their registration & signed permission slip to the Event Coordinator or Troop Leader as noted on the event or day camp flyer. Event Coordinator or Troop Leader submits the online Reimbursement Form.
  • For GSOC Shop – girls submit their card at time of purchase. For fax, email or mail-in Shop purchases; girls submit their card serial number in the credit card section of the order form. Cookie Dough/OC Bucks/Juliette Dollars cannot be used online.
  • For Approved Troop/Group Travel – girls submit their card to their Troop Leader. GSI girls submit their Juliette Dollars for Group travel to the Travel Patrol Advisor. Troop completes online Reimbursement Form.
  • For Girl Scout Destinations – girls submit their card and a copy of their destination registration confirmation to Council using the online Reimbursement Form.
  • For Silver/Gold Award Expenses – troop girls submit their OC Bucks or Cookie Dough to their Troop Leader with receipts and explanations for how each purchase relates to their Gold Award project. Leader then submits the online Reimbursement Form. GSI girls submit their Juliette Dollars and documentation using the online Reimbursement Form
  • For Girl Scout Lifetime Membership – Girl Scouts graduating high school submit their card with a signed membership registration form and a check for the balance of the lifetime membership payment to the Council office by September 1.
  • For Fund Her SuccessGirls complete the online Cookie Dough/OC Bucks/Juliette Dollars
    Reimbursement form and select the “Fund Her Success” option.
  • For Buy a Girl a Uniform – Girls complete the Donation form and submit to the GSOC Girl Scout shop.

Please note: Cookie Dough/OC Bucks/Juliette Dollars cannot be used online

Can a Troop Use a Girl’s OC Bucks?  No. OC Bucks belong to individual girls, not a troop or group, so each girl makes individual choices on how to use it. Troop/groups already benefit from the proceeds of each can of nuts or magazine subscription sold.  If a Troop/group has asked girls to contribute individual funds towards approved troop travel (as defined in the Troop Travel packet) girls may pay with their OC Bucks rather than check or cash.

What qualifies as Approved Troop Travel?  Troop travel of 150 miles or more (300+ miles round trip) qualifies as a usage for OC Bucks providing the trip has been approved by the Service Unit Manager (as specified in the Troop Travel packet). Girls submit OC Bucks as payment for qualified troop travel to their Troop Leader.

How do Troops get their Travel Approved? Troops contemplating travel of 150 miles or more (300+ miles round trip) must request permission on the Troop Travel Form. For trips 150-300 miles (600 miles round trip), Leaders must submit the form to their Service Unit Manager at least 6 weeks in advance. For trips over 300 miles (600 miles round trip) within the state of California, Leaders must submit the form to their Service Unit Manager 6 months in advance. For trips outside California, but within the continental US, submit the form 1 year in advance and for trips outside the continental US, submit the form 2 years in advance.

How does a Service Unit or Troop Treasurer get reimbursed for OC Bucks received from girls? Service Units and Troop Treasurers complete the Reimbursement Form. Please include a copy of the event flyer, approved Troop Travel form, or receipts with explanations of what each purchase was for and how it related to their Gold Award with the reimbursement form and attach girl’s OC Bucks serial number. OC Bucks must be redeemed prior to their expiration date (regardless of the date of event or travel).

How can I use Cookie Dough to pay for Weekend Camp or an Event?  If you plan on using OC Bucks for Weekend Camp or for any other Council Sponsored event where registration is offered on our web pages, we recommend that you pay in full on the web page.  That way you will be sure to be registered even if the event fills up.  Then, send in your OC Bucks along with a copy of the receipt you printed out when you registered.  You will be reimbursed for the amount of OC Bucks that is being applied to your registration after participating in the program.  OC Bucks will not be reimbursed for non-attendance.

What about Resident Camp? You can register for Resident Camp online with a deposit. Then send in your OC Bucks with the balance due and it will be applied to your invoiced amount.

What if I cannot pay for the entire amount and really want to use my OC Bucks up front?  Please e-mail our registration desk at CustomerCare@girlscouts.org to arrange this payment.

What if I have enough OC Bucks to pay for my entire Weekend Camp or Event?  Please e-mail our registration desk at CustomerCare@girlscouts.org to arrange this payment.

Can OC Bucks be used for an event that will happen after the OC Bucks expire? Yes, as long as a girl registers for the event and fills out the Reimbursement Form prior to the expiration of the OC Bucks and also sends a copy of the receipt with the OC Bucks prior to the expiration.

Does a participant have to wait until the event is over to get reimbursed for OC Bucks that expired prior but was used for registration during its availability? Yes, however if we have to cancel the event we will issue new OC Bucks with expiration dates in the next cycle.

Can OC Bucks received after an event be used for reimbursement of the event? No, the girl must have had the card at the time she registered for the event.

Can I use OC Bucks to make a donation to GSOC? Yes! Girl Scouts can use their Cookie Dough/OC Bucks/Juliette Dollars to donate to our Fund Her Success Campaign to demonstrate their commitment to philanthropy. A donation of $50 or more will receive a commemorative Fund Her Success patch!

Social Issues

Occasionally, you may receive a question from the public related to Girl Scouts policies, current events, or common misconceptions about Girl Scouts.  Below are just a few of the frequently asked questions in these areas.  If you or your girl receive a question you are not comfortable answering, please direct the individual to GirlScouts.org/faqs or ask them to reach out to Girl Scouts of Orange County Communications Director 949-461-8800.

Is Girl Scouts affiliated with Planned Parenthood?  No. Girl Scouts does not have any collaboration or relationship with Planned Parenthood, nor do we provide any financial support to this organization.  We believe that health and sexuality are private matters for girls and their families.  The Girl Scout organization, including local councils and Girl Scouts of Orange County, does not take a position on abortion or birth control, nor do we endorse or provide funding to organizations that advocate on these issues.

More Information

How can I enroll my daughter/volunteer? You can inquire online at GirlScoutsOC.org or call 800-979-9444. Other languages: Spanish: (949) 461-8894 | Vietnamese: (949) 461-8895

I have more questions. Who can I contact?  Girls and parents should contact their Troop Product Coordinator and/or Leaders for more information.  Troop volunteers will find more answers in the Troop Plan Book and can contact their Service Unit Product Manager. Also visit our website: GirlScoutsOC.org and GSCookiesEtc.org.

Have more questions about the Girl Scout Fall Product Program? Visit Girl Scouts of the USA’s Frequently Asked Questions page or email CustomerCare@GirlScoutsOC.org. For more information about our Girl Scout Fall Product Program, selling tools and nutritional information. Please visit GSCookiesEtc.org/FallProduct.

Glossary of Terms

Trophy Nut – nut and candy vendor.

Cupboard—a place where additional product is made available for troops.  All cupboards are run by volunteers.

Damaged Product Report—form used to report damaged product.

Delinquency Report—form used to report someone who is delinquent in paying for product.

Family Guide—informational guide and responsibility form given to parents/guardians of all Girl Scouts participating in the product program.

M2 Media— magazine vendor and online system.

OC Bucks—a card worth a certain dollar amount that can be used for any Girl Scouts of Orange County Resident or Day Camp, GSOC, Service Unit event, approved Troop/Group travel, for items purchased at the Girl Scout Shop in Irvine, or for Gold Award expenses.

Parent Responsibility Form— form parents/guardians must complete giving their Girl Scout permission to participate in the product program.

Troop Helper—a volunteer appointed and briefed by the leaders. Must be a registered adult Girl Scout who has completed the Membership and screening process.

Safety Activity Checkpoints—Guide for planning and implementation of specific activities.  They represent the basic minimums to follow; they are not all-inclusive. They are the extensions of the basic safety guidelines and program standards and are also starting points for investigating resources with more in-depth information.

SU – abbreviation for Service Unit

SUPM—abbreviation for Service Unit Product Manager, a volunteer who manages the product program for a service unit.

TPC—abbreviation for Troop Product Coordinator, the volunteer who manages the product program for a troop/group.

Troop Plan Book—instruction booklet that explains the nuts and bolts of the Fall Product Program.

Volunteer Essentials—GSUSA handbook for all volunteers.