Getting Started

Is your Girl Scout or Troop interested in participating in the 2022 Fall Product Program? Girls earn funds for their Girl Scout activities while learning key skills that will help them in business and life!

Why Should My Troop Participate in the Fall Product Program?

  1. It’s simple and easy, all ordering, payments, and training are done online!
  2. It provides your troop with funds to pay for activities and supplies. Your troop earns 90¢ for every nut, chocolate, and Care to Share voucher sold (Trophy Nut items) and $3 for every magazine (M2 Media items). What a great way to get your troop up and running!
  3. It prepares girls and adults for the Cookie Program with fun skill building activities and volunteer opportunities.
  4. It supports all Orange County Girl Scouts by providing support and training for volunteers, girl leadership experiences, events and activities, safe camps, financial assistance, and more. Your troop is helping others to be Girl Scouts!
  5. Participating girls will:
    a. Create troop goals and plans for using troop proceeds as they practice their decision making, teamwork, and people skills.
    b. “Earn & Learn” – girls earn funds for their Girl Scout activities (such as camp) while learning key skills that will help them in business and life.
    c. Work towards financial literacy badges.

2022 Online Only Fall Product Program Key Dates

September 7: Troop Product Coordinator trainings begins
September 10: Troop volunteers receive email to access M2OS
September 17: 2022 Fall Kick-off!
September 18: Fall Program Begins
September 18: Girls receive email to access M2OS
October 16: Online orders end
October 17: Girl reward choices due in M2OS
November 5: Delivery and distribution of products
November 5-15: Girl deliveries to customers

How to Get Your Troop Started

Contact your troop leaders to see if your troop has a Troop Product Coordinator, and if not, consider stepping up to this position yourself! Learn how troops can share the responsibilities to make the job easier. Troop Product Coordinator training is available online beginning September 7, 2022.

  • Troop Product Coordinators must contact their Service Unit Product Manager to be appointed and receive logins/passwords into M2OS.
  • To participate individually, parents assist their daughters to register for M2OS. Girls will receive recognition items at each of the reward levels they achieve.

Once you have a Troop Packet, partner with your troop leaders to hold a family meeting to review the Fall Product Program, talk about troop goals, and collect the signed Parent Responsibility Form (located on our documents page. More information about how to hold a family meeting is in the Troop Plan Book.

The Fall Product Program begins September 18, 2022. Girls can participate by using the M2OS custom storefront to sell magazines, nuts, and chocolates. More information about launching her Fall Product business can be found in the Family Guide.