• Parents/Girls will receive an email from M2 Media which will include key details about participating using the M2OS online system, including how to register, videos, and more!
  • Didn’t receive an email? Just go to and enter your information there!

Girls and adults should review the Product Sale and Online Activity Checkpoints before participating in any money earning activity, as well as any materials regarding product sale safety from their council and the vendor. Girls should print out the Internet Safety Pledge and sign it with a parent or guardian.

  • Microsoft IE 10+ supported
  • Microsoft Edge supported
  • Chrome supported
  • Firefox supported
  • Safari supported on MAC (not Windows)

  1. Parents guide their daughters when making individual learning and sales goals.  Parents determine the number of products to order and are responsible for payment of all products received.
  2. Parents are responsible for all money collected from customers.
  3. Troops set group goals and order products to meet their goals.  Parents are asked to respect the troop goals when making decisions about how many products they will be responsible for selling.
  4. Troops may not set quotas for individual girls.
  5. Troops may not require payment from parents in advance.

  • They learn to set goals and meet deadlines. That means your daughter won’t tell you last minute that her science fair project is due tomorrow.
  • They learn to work well with others. That means your daughter will do better on school projects or as a member of a sports team.
  • They learn to talk and listen to all kinds of people. That means your daughter will be able to ask a teacher for help or navigate the school cafeteria more easily.
  • They learn how to handle money and make decisions about how to use it. That means your daughter will learn about spending, saving, and giving to those in need.
  • They learn to act honestly and fairly. That means your daughter’s friends, classmates, and teachers will count on her and think of her as trustworthy.