Troop End of Sale Processing

Troop End of Sale Processing (November 6-8)

  • Record girl final payments in Nut-E. (See Troop Plan Book page 26)
  •  Make final deposits into TROOP account.
  • After 9:00 am on Tuesday, November 8th run the Troop Online Sales report in the QSP/Nut Online system. Verify the online sales uploaded correctly by comparing the Troop Online Sales report to Nut-E.  If discrepancies are found, complete the online QSP/Nut Online Upload Issue form by Tuesday, November 8th and Council will make any necessary changes.

Note:  Troop Product Coordinators can run a Troop Online Sales report for their troop provided they have created an ID and password in the QSP/Nut Online system.  See Troop Plan Book page 32 for instructions on how to run the report.

  • Make final entries for additional nut sales, booth sales, and Care to Share in Nut-E.  (See Troop Plan Book page 22)
  • Make sure all units from the Troop Special line have been allocated to girls. (See Troop Plan Book page 32)
  • Verify recognitions, make recognition corrections as necessary and if your troop earned the Booth Sale patch, manually enter each girl in Nut-E. (see Troop Plan Book page 22)
  • Run and email reports to Troop Treasurer and Leaders.
  • Complete online evaluation survey.

See pages 31-35 in the Troop Plan Book for more information.

Booth Sale & Nut Stand Ideas

Did you know girls can sell ALL of our products at booth sales & Nut Stands or even sell with no actual products?  Check out these ideas:

  1. Take orders and offer to deliver! Get products from a cupboard after your booth sale, and then deliver to customers with a Thank You Nut Tag which also reminds customers about the cookie program start date.  Save contact info for the cookie program.
  2. Sell Care to Share nuts and magazine vouchers. Decorate your booth with Girl Scout tablecloth, Care to Share receipts and a Care to Share flyer. Set out a few cans & magazines wrapped with girl-made labels such as: “Care to Share,” “Donate to our military,” “Share with our Food Bank,” “Tax Deductible Donation.” Highlight the $6.00 tax deductible donation for each item purchased. Create a poster with Trefoils for customer to sign & add to your poster to show their participation in Care to Share and progress towards your goal.  Create and hand out “I donated to Girl Scouts” stickers. Make Care to Share cards to go with your donations. Write “Girl Scouts cares about you!” on the inside & invite customers to sign the card.
  3. Sell Online Nuts, Magazines & Photo Keepsakes by passing out Spread the Word Business Cards. Highlight all the additional nut varieties available online. Or you can collect email addresses & send them an offer.
  4. Have a “Vote” or “Veteran’s Day” promotion. A successful technique is to tie red, white & blue ribbons on a safety pin & offer to everyone who passes your booth in honor of the day. Invite them to make a purchase of Care to Share to be donated to the military.

Any combination of the above can be sold alone or with our nut and chocolate items at Booth Sales or Fall Product Stands!


Grace from Troop 2463, SU 303 – Huntington Harbor knows that wearing her Girl Scout vest and having a wonderful Display Board shows good Business Ethics. Her smile is just the beginning of her People Skills!

Fall Product Dates To Remember

Sept 7 – 17 – TPC Trainingscaledar

Sept 10 – Open House 10-2

Sept 18 – Gluten Free Cookie Deadline

Sept 24 – Fall Product Begins

Oct 7 – Girl Initial Order Due

Oct 9 – Troop Initial Order Due

Oct 10 – SU Initial Order Due

Oct 13 – SU Booth Sale Spreadsheets due

Oct 21 – 25 Nut Deliveries

Oct 22 – SU Plan Due

Oct 28 – Booth Sales Start

Nov 1 – Last day to enter the sale to get troop proceeds

Nov 6 – Fall Product Program ends

Nov 9 – Troop paperwork due

Nov 10 – Troop ACH begins

Nov 13 – SU paperwork due

Dec 7 – Top Seller Reception

Jan – Pick up recognitions and distribute to girls

Jan 20 – Final recognition adjustment due

Service Unit Booth Sale Spreadsheets Due 10/13!

Service Unit Booth Sale Coordinators:

You must submit your Booth Sale Spreadsheet with your booth locations and schedule to Council at by Thursday October 13th!. This is necessary for insurance purposes.

You must also fill out the Fall Product Advertised Booth Sale Form for inclusion on the Booth Locator Flyer on the website.

No faxes or hand written spreadsheets will be accepted. If you are having trouble please email

See page 18 in the Booth Coordinator Plan Book for more instructions.

Remember that if you have any changes to your Spreadsheet, you need to send in an updated version every time!

Online Booth Sale Training for Adults

Booth Sale Online Training is LIVE!Picture1

CLICK HERE to watch the training video then  CLICK HERE to take the quiz and receive your certificate in your email box! Easy!

This training is required for all adults participating in troop AND parent/daughter booth sales.

What is a Booth Sale?
What is a Fall Stand vs. a Rolling Sale?
How do I become a Responsible Adult?

These are a few of the questions answered in this short, 20 minute adult training!

For training questions, please email or call 949-461-8845

Corporate Gift Tins Available NOW!

Companies can give corporate gifts AND help their favorite Girl Scout!

Also available on the online site, through QSP Nut Online site, corporations can order special tins that are void of the Girl Scout marketing , to give to their clients. Below are the varieties available:

Jumbo Cashews – Classic jumbo cashews roasted and salted with sea salt. Tin design may vary. – 15 oz. Tin – $20corporate-tin-cashews

Gourmet Blend – Colossal cashews, giant almonds, mammoth pecans and large whole macadamias. Roasted and salted with sea salt. – 15 oz. Tin – $20


Gourmet Caramel Corn w/Almonds & Pecans – 20 oz. Tin – $15


If you don’t know a local Girl Scout, email and we’ll connect you.

Renew Magazine Subscriptions Through Girl Scouts

Order or renew your magazines from your favorite Girl Scout from September 24 – November 6 and Girl Scouts will earn 50% of the cost of each magazine ordered.  Check out our website for more details about how girls are “learning while earning.” Remember, subscriptions make great holiday gifts!

If you don’t know a local Girl Scout, email and we’ll connect you.

OC Bucks & Program Credits

What is OC Bucks/Program Credits?

OC Bucks are a girl recognition item for selling Fall Products. Juliette Dollars are a girl reward item for participating in product programs as an individual Girl Scout (“Individual Sellers”).  All are good for a year or more (expire on April 30, 2018) and can only be used with the Girl Scouts of Orange County.

OC Bucks/Program Credits Reimbursement form

OC Bucks/Program Credits FAQ

59 Minute Event – Troop Activity!

Troop Leaders

Host a 59 Minute Quick Start Event – GSOC hosted a “59 Minute Quick Start” event this week and 12 girls sold 95 gift cards in just 59 minutes! A troop with these results would have earned $285 in just under an hour of fun! The 59 Minute Quick Start is a great way to kick-start participation in the Fall Product Program. Girls talk on the phone with friends and family and earn patches & prizes.

How does it work? Each time a girl makes a sale, she runs up to ring a bell & receives a drawing prize for every 5 gift cards sold. GSOC can help you with your supplies and prizes.

Make your next troop meeting a high energy event where girls earn their 59 Minute Quick Start patch as well as credit towards fall product magazine recognitions and troop proceeds!  Bonus: troops who participate will also earn a $20 Magazine Gift Card. Click here to see how to host your own 59 Minute Quick Start!

Help Girls Set Goals – Ensure your troop is a girl-led experience by helping girls to set goals for what they want to do, where they want to go and who they want to help using our sample meeting plan on page 12-13 of the Troop Plan Book, Goal Setting Guide, and Smart Goals Worksheet.

Earn Troop Proceeds – Troops earn 14% for all nut/chocolate items and $3 for each magazine, e-book, and photo keepsake sold!  Girls can participate online even if their troop is not, but a Troop Product Coordinator is required for troops to earn proceeds. Don’t let your troop leave money behind. Get started today!

CLICK HERE to let the council know that you participated in a  59 Minute Quick Start Event and QSP will mail your troop a $20 Magazine Gift Card.