Fall Product Refunds Coming Soon

Checks will be mailed in December to troops who did not sell enough nut products to retain their online sale proceeds; provided the Troop Product Coordinator was appointed and the Troop entered their address information into UNIFY. Troops earning less than $10 in Troop Proceeds will receive their earnings in OC Bucks. Troop proceeds checks may be delayed until January for troops who did not enter their address into UNIFY as we research the troop treasurer information. Please see page 23 of your Troop Plan Book.

Service Unit End of Sale Processing

Service Unit End of Sale processing should be completed by November 11. See pages 22-24 in the Service Unit Plan Book for additional information.

Step-by-step instructions on how to Verify Troop Product is Allocated, Service Unit Allocating Product to Girls, Girl Rewards Selection, and Running T1 Girl Rewards report can be found on the green Trefoil in UNIFY. Click the green Trefoil, click on Program Info (top right hand corner of pop-up). These instructions are also available on the Volunteer Network.

Troop End of Sale Processing

The 2018 Fall Product Program has ended! Please see below for some Troop End of Sale Processing reminders:

  • Record girl final payments into UNIFY (see Troop Plan Book, page 21).
  • Make final deposits into TROOP bank account.
  • Make final entries for nut sales, booth sales, and Care to Share in UNIFY.
  • Make sure all units from the Troop Cupboard have been allocated to girls.
  • Verify girl rewards and make any corrections.
  • If your troop earned the Booth Sale patch, manually enter each girl in UNIFY.
  • Complete the Fall Product Program Evaluation.

Troop final reports and emails are due to Service Unit Product Managers on November 7 at 9am (make sure to cc the Troop Treasurer and Leaders). Please including the following in your emails:

  • “Processing Complete” OR “Unresolved Issue” in the subject of your email.
  • All details of any pending problems in the body of the email and attach documentation (signed receipts; T2 spreadsheet if used).
  • Note if your troop submitted a parent Delinquency Report, Counterfeit Bill Report, or asked for a Payment Adjustment.

Troop’s payment will be delayed until issue has been resolved.

Please email nuts@girlscoutsoc.org with any additional questions.

Thank You Fall Product Program Supporters!

A huge shout out and thank you to all of the amazing volunteers and parents who supported OC Girl Scouts as they built their business skills by participating in the Fall Product Program! Take time with your Girl Scouts to plan a way for them to express their thanks! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Make cards for your Troop Product Coordinator and Booth Sale volunteers
  • Trefoil” their lawn with signs that say “Thank You!” or “An Awesome Girl Scout Volunteer Lives Here!”
  • Send an email to thank your favorite cupboard manager 
  • Present a can of nuts or chocolates with a gift card
  • Create posters to thank a special booth sale location
  • Create gift baskets and/or gift tags
  • Present certificates to parents for their stellar support

For more DIY appreciation ideas, follow us on Pinterest!

59 Minute Event – Troop Activity!

Last month, 12 girls participated in a “59 Minute Quick Start” event at Council. They sold 179 gift cards in just 59 minutes!

A troop with these results would have earned over $500 in just under an hour of fun! The “59 Minute Quick Start” event is a great way to kick-start participation in the Fall Product Program!

Did your troop participate in a “59 Minute Quick Start” event? If so, email nuts@girlscoutsoc.org with the date of the event, number of girls participating, and number of magazine gift cards sold to receive free patches!

Fall Product Dates to Remember!

November 4: Fall Product Program ends!
November 7: Troop final email due to Service Unit by 9am
November 8: Troop payments begin
November 11: Service Unit final email due to Council
December 5: Top Seller Reception
January: Reward distribution to girls
January 21: Troop final reward adjustments due
January 23: Service Unit final reward adjustments due

Booth Sale and Nut Stand Ideas

Did you know girls can sell ALL of our products at Booth Sales and Nut Stands or even sell with no actual products? Check out these ideas:

  1. Take orders and offer to deliver! Get products from a cupboard after your booth sale, and then deliver to customers with a Thank You Tag which also reminds customers about the Cookie Program start date.
  2. Sell Care to Share Nuts and Magazine Vouchers. Decorate your booth with Girl Scout tablecloth, Care to Share Receipts, and a Care to Share Flyer. Set out a few cans and magazines wrapped with girl-made labels such as: “Care to Share,” “Donate to Our Military,” “Share with our Food Bank,” or “Tax Deductible Donation.” Highlight the $6.00 tax deductible donation for each item purchased. Create and hand out “I Donated to Girl Scouts” stickers. Make Care to Share Cards to go with your donations. Write “Girl Scouts Cares About You!” on the inside and invite customers to sign the card.
  3. Sell Online Nuts, Chocolates, and QSP Items by passing out Spread the Word Business Cards. Highlight all the additional nut and chocolate varieties available online. Or you can collect email addresses and send them an offer.
  4. Have a Veteran’s Day Promotion. A successful technique is to tie red, white, and blue ribbons on a safety pin and offer to everyone who passes your booth in honor of the day. Invite them to make a purchase of Care to Share to be donated to the military.

Any combination of the above can be sold alone or with our nut and chocolate items at Booth Sales or Fall Product Stands!

Take Care in the Heat This Week!

Selling door-to-door or hosting a booth sale this weekend? Be sure to stay in the shade, drink plenty of water, and store your products in a cooler with ice packs, when possible.

Remember to not store products in your car or garage in extreme heat. Keep product off the floor and away from sun to prevent damage from heat, insects, pets or water.

Product damage caused by girl/parent/troop negligence (such as melting) will NOT be replaced (see page 30 of Troop Plan Book).

Cookie Dough, OC Bucks, and Juliette Dollars

Cookie Dough is a girl recognition item earned for selling Girl Scout cookies. OC Bucks is a girl recognition item for selling Fall Products. Juliette Dollars are a girl reward item for participating in product programs as an individually registered Girl Scout (GSIs). All are good for a year or more (expire on April 30th) and can only be used within the Girl Scouts of Orange County.

Click here to view Cookie Dough, OC Bucks, and Juliette Dollars FAQs. Click here for the Reimbursement Form.

Spread the Word Business Cards

Girls can distribute “Spread the Word” business cards to customers at booth sales or when selling door-to-door. Customers then can go online to order magazines, tumblers, candles, organic veggies, nuts, and candy. Be sure to include an assigned Girl Online ID OR name/troop number on each “Spread the Word” card. Sales track back to girl automatically!