5 Steps for TPC Appointment

Interested in becoming a Troop Product Coordinator (TPC)? To be appointed a TPC by your Service Unit Product Manager, you must complete the following 5 steps:

  1. Complete your registration for the 2017-2018 Girl Scout Membership year.
  2. Select your role in MyGS as the Troop Product Coordinator for your troop and complete online background screening as necessary (once every 5 years).
  3. Ensure Troop has submitted online Troop ACH Authorization form with voided troop check attached (Every troop must resubmit this form every year beginning August 1).
  4. Complete online orientation if this is your first time volunteering for Girl Scouts.
  5. Complete Troop Product Coordinator training (classroom or online) annually.  See your Service Unit Product Manager for training materials or email CustomerCare@GirlScoutsOC.org.

Register for VolCon!


Troops and Service Units- register now for the annual GSOC Volunteer Conference on Saturday, August 12th from 8am-5pm at Chapman University in Orange. Come see and taste our fall and cookie products and participate in various workshops. Attend Taste of Cookie and Nuts, 5 Skills, or 59 Minutes workshops to earn points for the SU Can Do Bonus! Click here for more information.

Troop ACH Authorization (TAA) Form

The online Troop ACH Authorization (TAA) form is now active. As stated in the Troop Financial Guidelines, troops must complete a new TAA form annually as well as upload a copy of a voided check.

Troops also must complete a new TAA form whenever there is a change to the troop’s banking information (including a change in signers).

If you need to update information previously submitted, please select, “No- our bank information has changed” for the first question.

Order Your 2018 Gluten Free Cookies NOW!

CookieTroops interested in selling the Trios Gluten Free Cookie must place their order by Monday, September 18, 2017 using this link. Cookies will not be available to order after this date or stocked in cupboards.

ABC and GSOC are pleased to bring back the Trios Gluten Free Cookie made with real peanut butter, delicious chocolate chips, and certified whole grain, gluten free oats. Trios allows celiac disease sufferers and those trying to avoid gluten to support the efforts of Girl Scouts as they enjoy a product created just for them.

How Does the Pre-order Work?

  • Troop must place Gluten Free Trios order by Monday, September 18, 2017.
  • Gluten Free Trios order is applied towards Initial Order total cases for Bonus.
  • Gluten Free Trios will be distributed in January with troop initial cookie order.
  • Gluten Free Trios will be tracked in cookie program software like all other varieties.
  • Gluten Free Trios will be included in the first troop payment in February.
  • Troops earn the same proceeds per package and credit towards girl rewards as other varieties.

Troops must meet the following criteria in order to participate in the gluten free pre-order:

  1. Leaders and girls registered for the 2017-2018 membership year.
  2. New Troop ACH Authorization (TAA) form on file beginning August 1, 2017

Create Your Fall Product Teams Now!

ClockSummer is the perfect time to recruit your Fall Product Program Team! Recruit volunteers now to be ready when the Fall Product program begins on Saturday, September 23rd, 2017. Service Unit Training is Tuesday, September 5th and online and classroom Troop Training begins September 6th. See Create Your Troop Fall Product Team and Join the Service Unit Fall Product Team for role descriptions.

2017 Fall Product Program Dates

July 24   Service Unit Materials Coordinator Contact Info Due   

Aug 12   Volunteer Conference at Chapman University (Taste of Cookies & Nuts, 5 Skills & 59 Minutes courses earn points for SU Can Do Bonus)

Aug 28   Service Unit Product Manager Part 1– Online Pre-Requisit, Service Unit Fall Materials Coordinator– Online Training Begins, Service Unit Fall Nut Distributor– Online Training Begins (training will not be available until August 28, 2017)

Sept 6-23   Troop Product Coordinator Online or Classroom Trainings

Sept 5 or 7   Service Unit Product Manager – Part 2 Workshop

Sept 22   Troop Launch Emails

Sept 23   Girl Launch Emails, Fall Product Program Begins! 

Oct 5   Adult Booth Sale Online Training Begins

Oct 8   Troop Initial Orders Due

Oct 21-23   Nut Product Deliveries & Distribution

Oct 27-Nov 5   Booth Sales and Direct Sales (Door-to-Door)

Nov 5   Fall Product Program Ends!