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Welcome to ABCSmartCookies! 

ABCSmartCookies is the software girls will use to their track sales for the Cookie Program. Girl launch emails to ABCSmartCookies will be sent January 2021.

ABCSmartCookies will help girls:

  • Set goals of how many packages of cookies they want to sell this year!
  • Make plans for how they will reach their goals!
  • Check how they are doing along the way!
  • Send eCards to friends and family to tell them it’s cookie time and ask for their support!

Questions about the cookie software? Check out ABC Baker’s YouTube channel for detailed tutorials here.

Brownie Elf and Friends: Manage Money Video

Cookie Business and Financial Literacy Badges

Click here to see what badges Girl Scouts of all levels can earn by participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program!

Financial Empowerment, the K-12 Program (facing pages) (PDF) — English / Spanish

Financial Empowerment, the K-12 Program (single-page format) (PDF) — English / Spanish

Entrepreneurship Badges

Dreaming about creating a business that can make a difference? With the Entrepreneurship badges, you will create and pitch a product or service that solves a real-life problem. Then you’ll build a business plan and think about topics like production, cost, profit, marketing, and competition.

Toy Business Designer  Daisies come up with an idea for a toy, design it, make it better, and share it—just like entrepreneurs!

Budding Entrepreneur Brownies become entrepreneurs by making something, testing it out, and improving their idea to make it the best it can be.

Business Jumpstart  Juniors sharpen their entrepreneurial skills as they come up with an idea for something that solves a problem, get feedback, share their idea, and pitch it to others.

Business Creator  Cadettes think like entrepreneurs as they come up with a business idea that solves a problem, produce a prototype, solicit feedback, improve their idea, then create a business plan and pitch it.

Business Startup  Seniors learn more about the entrepreneurial mindset as they explore what it takes to create their own business.

Entrepreneur Accelerator Ambassadors think and act like entrepreneurs as they bring a business vision to life, learn how to work with a team, and motivate people to take a chance with them.

Cookie Entrepreneur Family Pin

Make Girl Scout Cookie season a family affair!  Earning Cookie Entrepreneur Family pins makes spending time with family easy, fun, and even sweeter during cookie season. Click here for simple, age-specific guidelines and get ready to rock your Girl Scout pride all season long.

Episode 11 – The 2020 Cookie Episode | All Things Girl Scouts

It’s Your Business—Run It!

Watch a video series of women across the country who have one big thing in common- they had a dream of running their own company and they made it happen! They’ll tell you about what inspired them to start their business, what keeps them going, and share some of the skills they picked up along the way.

Click here to view Business Badges that girls can earn during the cookie program.

Also, check this out:

Goal Setting is an important part of a successful Cookie Program and having a girl led Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Leaders can guide girls in the process and help them learn to divide up a large project into more manageable actions. Find easy ways to help your girls through this process by using the GSLE Goal-Setting Worksheet with your troop. Click here to view the 5 Skills for Girl Toolkit in English and here to view in Spanish.

For any additional questions…

Contact your Service Unit Cookie Manager, GSOC Product Sales at 949-461-8800, or email