Cookie Share!

Our Cookie Share program allows girls to learn about philanthropy and giving back to the community, while earning proceeds for their troop and credit towards their rewards.

The council virtual Cookie Share Program is a cookie donation opportunity for customers to buy cookies to be distributed to our nation’s military and local food banks. These purchases will be delivered directly from the council to our community partners. 

The benefits to participate in the Council Virtual Cookie Share are:

  • Girls receive credit towards their rewards for virtual Cookie Share sales.
  • Troops receive proceeds for each package of virtual Cookie Share sold.
  • Customers are given the chance to give to others while supporting Girl Scouts.
  • Virtual Cookie Share donations are tax deductible.
  • Cookie inventory is managed by the Council.
  • Cookie Delivery is handled by the Council.
  • More information on Cookie Share can be found in your Troop Plan Book, pages 8, and 34-38.

How Do I Enter Cookie Share in ABC?

Girls should report any online Girl Delivery Cookie Share purchases to their Troop Cookie Coordinator.  The Troop Cookie Coordinator must allocate these Cookie Share packages to the girl in ABC Smart Cookies. 

Here’s how:

  • Option One – If the troop is participating in the council’s VIRTUAL Cookie Share program, the Troop Cookie Coordinator makes the entry for the girl using the “Virtual Cookie Share” feature under the “Orders” tab in ABC Smart Cookies.
  • Option Two – If the troop is donating cookies to their own organization (Troop’s Own Cookie Share), the Troop Cookie Coordinator will order their cookie share packages from a cupboard and allocate those cookie packages to the girls who sold them using the “Transfer” feature under the “Orders” tab in ABC Smart Cookies.

Cookie Share orders placed through the direct ship option will automatically show up in the girl’s totals and will be included in the council’s VIRTUAL Cookie Share Program.  To see these totals run the “Girl Cookie Order Detail Summary” under reports.  The direct ship Cookie Share orders will appear under the Cookie Share column on the report.  These orders cannot be switched to be included in a Troop’s Own Cookie Share donation.

Follow pages 34-38 in your Troop Plan Book for step by step directions