SU Materials Coordinator

Troops are continuing to join the Cookie Program!  Please have materials (Cookie Receipts and Trefoil package) ready for them to pick-up. Contact in more materials are needed.

Girl Cookie Packets

It is official, we are out of printed girl cookie packets.  We do have cookie order cards and will be mailing more to each Service Unit Cookie Materials Coordinator.  We will begin directing parents to their Troop Cookie Coordinators for cookie order cards and Troop Cookie Coordinators will be directed to their SU Cookie Materials Coordinator for the order cards they need.  Please help us spread the word with your troops in your service unit by letting them know to contact their Service Unit Cookie Materials Coordinator for additional supplies.

Please note: We did receive a small number of extra Trefoils for new troops forming. Contact us at if you need a few more package while supplies last.

Do Now!

  • Review Service Unit Stretch Bonus requirements with the Service Team
  • Complete SU Cookie Materials Coordinator online training by accessing gslearn

November 17 and later

  • Receive cookie materials (Envelopes, Receipts, Dot Sheets and Cookie Sampler)
    • Most of the items are paper, so be sure to store them where they won’t get damp.
  • Open the boxes of materials to ensure nothing is missing
  • Provide the Cookie Sampler to your Service Unit Manager
  • Prepare receipt booklets and a sample package of the Trefoil cookie for troops
  • Contact if more materials are needed.

Please note: The council has extras of everything except the Trefoil cookies.