What’s New for 2021

What’s New For Girls & Troops! 

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Cookie Season Start Dates: Girls may begin pre-selling cookies on January 11, 2021 with girl deliveries and cookies in-hand selling beginning on January 24, 2021.

Cookies: All your favorite cookies are back this season plus a brand new cookie, the Toast-Yay! This toast-shaped cookie is full of French toast flavor and flair and stamped with the trusted Girl Scouts’ signature trefoil on top.

This is the last season for the S’mores cookie. A new cookie will be added to the lineup in 2022.

Click here for more information about our Girl Scout Cookie varieties.

Girl Packets: Girls will receive a Cookie Program Packet in the mail beginning January 4th. Packet includes Girl Guide, Cookie Order Card, Money Envelope, and Rewards Flyer.

Registration Emails: Girls and their parent/guardian will receive their registration email from ABC Smart Cookies on January 4th so they can set up their online account. See the “Girl Registration” video for how to set-up your Girl Scout’s ABC Smart Cookies account. 

Family Guide: See 2021 Family Guide here.

Parent Responsibility Form: Electronic this year. Families complete electronically and email to TCC. Form found here.

Girl Delivery Credit Card Payments: Consumers will have the option to prepay by credit card for girl delivery orders placed via an email invitation. Payment will be credited to the troop and girl. Girls can then make a touchless delivery to the consumer.

Troop users will have the ability to issue a credit card refund if an order cannot be delivered. Smart Cookies will show the order as cancelled. Troop and girl financial transactions will be voided in the event of cancellation. The consumer’s credit card will be refunded the purchase amount.

Door Hangers: If a girl wants to expand her customer base by going door-to-door, but wants to limit her contact with those she doesn’t know, she can use the door hangers created by GSOC. Girls can start using door hangers on January 24th. Door hangers allow girls to safely communicate the Cookie Program to potential customers.

Door hangers include pictures and prices of all products available from the order card. Girls can customize the door hanger to include their social media link. When customers enter that link into a browser, it will take them directly to the girls’ storefront. Door hangers can be found here.

Mystery House Promotion: The first Girl Scout to visit a Mystery House location between 2/14 and 3/7 will win a patch. Door hangers count if Mystery House host is not at home. See Mystery House flyer here for more information (coming soon).

Virtual Booth Sales: Girls and troops can host virtual booth sales online through social media during the booth period (February 12-March 7). Check out the Virtual Cookie Booth Guidelines for more information.

Troop Cookie Booth Link: This season each troop will have a Troop Cookie Booth Link that they can share
throughout the cookie program to promote touchless ordering and curbside pickup of cookies. The cookies ordered using this link will post in the Smart Booth Divider and troops can divide the cookie packages between girls in the troop. Click here for more information and here to view the Virtual Troop Booth Link video by ABC Bakers. 

The National Girl Scout Cookie Link is a national link that can be shared beginning February 1, 2021 by GSUSA, councils, troops, and girls to help customers find cookies nearby to purchase, donate, or to have them shipped.  Customers click on the link and enter their zip code. Based on their location, they will then have a choice to visit an in-person retail booth or click on a troop link to order cookies that are directly shipped to them or donate cookies to the council’s charity program.   

The Great Girl Scout Cookie Buy-Out: GSOC is working to connect local business and donors with troops to “buyout” cookies. All Troops are invited to be a part of the cookie buyout program by completing three easy steps.

  1. Prepare your Troop bio and cookie pitch
  2. Choose a photo or artwork to represent your troop entrepreneurship
  3. Submit your troop application found here.
More information can be found on the Great Girl Scout Cookie Buyout Flyer

Grubhub: GSOC has partnered with Grubhub for cookie delivery. Customers place cookie orders with Grubhub the parent/daughter teams (Junior and older) work the Grubhub cupboards to ensure the orders are ready for Grubhub driver pick-up. More information to come including Grubhub booth lottery. Click here for more information. 

Buy a Girl a Uniform: Girls can donate their Cookie Dough, OC Bucks, and Juliette Dollars to the “Buy a Girl a Uniform” fund and Girl Scouts of Orange County will provide a gift certificate to a new Girl Scout to get her started with a brand new uniform her family might not otherwise be able to afford*. Click here for information.

For 2021, girls who sell 150 packages can donate their reward to the Buy a Girl a Uniform Fund. See Rewards Flyer.

Safe Selling Strategies: Check out these safe selling strategies for the 2021 Cookie Season (coming soon)

Online Marketing Dos and Don’ts: Check out the Dos and Dont’s for Online Marketing here.

Direct Ship Order Tracking: Direct Ship digital cookie customers can email  ABCsmartcookiesdirect@westonfoods.com with their full name and order number to track their order

What’s New for Troops & Service Units!

Initial Order Deadline: Troop Initial Orders are due by 11:59pm on December 15th. Service Unit Initial Orders are due by 11:59pm on December 16th. 

Initial Orders: Troops can place their Initial Order in ABC Smart Cookies beginning December 1st. Troops will pick a delivery station and time for pick-up when placing their initial order.

Initial Order Reward: See Rewards Flyer

Family Meeting Guides: Check out the new Cookie Program Family Meeting Guides from GSUSA. Located here under Troop Forms.

Mega Delivery Locations: We will have 3 Mega Delivery locations for 2021- North County on Douglas, South County at Foothill Ranch and Angel Stadium.

What’s New in the ABC Smart Cookies System!

Check out the new ABC Smart Cookies Features here.