Tips for Troops!

Be ready to participate in our 2020 Girl Scout Cookie Program! See below for some Tips for Troops or click here for a printable flyer.

  1. Ensure all Girl Scouts are registered for 2020.
    • Check your Girl Roster in the Volunteer Toolkit.
    • If any girl is not showing up, determine if she needs to register, renew or complete a transfer request. Email for assistance.
  2. Recruit a Cookie Team of adult volunteers.
    • Refer to our flyer for ideas on how to divide up the tasks.
    • Don’t do it all yourself.
  3. Ensure your Cookie Team is ready for training!
    • Check to see if adult volunteers are registered with a current background screening on file.
    • Volunteers should register for classroom training or set-up an ID and password for GSOCLearning site to complete training online.
  4. Submit Troop Banking form.
  5. Set Goals with Girls!
    • What do your girls want to learn this year? Who do they want to help? Where would they like to go?
    • Once your girls have set goals, you can determine how much money is needed to fund their plans…that’s your troop’s cookie goal!
  6. Be in the know!