Online Troop Cookie Manager Training is Now Available


The online TCM training is available at

Be sure to log-in! if you complete training as a guest you won’t get credit for it. Once logged in you will find the training at the top under the Product Program and then in the Cookies menu.

When you are in the “Troop Cookie Manager, part one” link , you need to enroll in class: click on the “Enroll me in this course” link on the right hand side of the screen. Another screen will pop up, click “Enroll Me” then you should be able to complete the training and access the quiz. If you don’t enroll in the class you will not be offered the quiz.

Repeat these steps to complete part two.

When you have successfully passed both quizzes you will see the certificate of completion at the end of quiz two. Print this screen and send it to you SUCM as proof that you have completed the TCM training.

There is no deadline for the online training but it must be completed before a troop can place an initial order by January 8th.

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