How to Invite Parents to Help!

Have you asked your Girl Scouts families for help? Seems like no one is reading your emails? Try these five techniques for getting more adult involvement:

  1.  Ask in a positive, upbeat way! Showcase the fun side of each volunteer opportunity. Girl Scouts welcomes family helpers!
  2. Invite parents to a briefing to explain their role! Find fun opportunities for parents to engage in the Girl Scout experience for a day or more!
  3. Match talents to tasks! A mom who is good with numbers will enjoy being a Troop Treasurer, a dad with a sales background could be a great Troop Cookie Coordinator, and a grandparent might be willing to be your emergency contact during an outing.
  4. Divide jobs into smaller tasks! Now is the time to recruit a Troop Cookie Support Team where one person does the online computer tasks, another picks up more cookies at cupboards, and a third person tracks cookies and money.
  5. Say Thank You! Recognize individual efforts with a Girl Scout ceremony where girls can present adults with a Girl Scout pin and a handmade card.

Girl Scout roles such as snack provider or badge helper are supervised by the Leadership Team and have no special requirements. Roles involving girl supervision or money management require adults to become official volunteers and completing a background screening. See your Volunteer Essentials Handbook for more helpful ideas!