Cookie Sale Begins Today!

Where can we sell?  Girls should observe council jurisdiction (by zip codes) when selling cookies in person, with exceptions for close family members. Girl Scouts in southern California councils may sell cookies at parent/guardian’s immediate workplace even if outside their Council jurisdiction, if permitted by their employer.

Can parent/daughter teams sell cookies?  Yes!  They can make direct sales door to door, at their work place, knitting circle, Bunco group, etc.

Can my daughter & I set up a cookie stand in front of our house? Yes!  Throughout the entire cookie sale, January 25—March 8, Girl Scouts can set-up “lemonade” type stands to sell on the property were the girl currently resides as their city and/or home owners’ associations permit.

Can girls sell online?  Girls may market their cookie sale to family & friends on the internet through, providing they sign the Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge and follow all Girl Scout safety guidelines. Check with your Troop Cookie Manager or Troop Leader for more details.

Where do I get the Girl Scout Internet Safety Pledge?  It can be found here.

What is a rolling sale?  Putting cookies in a wagon and doing direct sales to customers in residential areas.  Girls require adult supervision for these efforts.  It is not a booth sale because you are not setting up a booth display in one location or at a shopping center requiring permission.

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