Cookie Dough, OC Bucks & Juliette Dollars Expiring April 30 will be extended until December 31, 2020

All unused Cookie Dough, OC Bucks, and Juliette Dollars with the expiration date of April 30, 2020 will be extended to December 31, 2020. Girls can use their certificates for events and activities that have been postponed, to pay for Day Camp, Council Service Fees, Service Unit and Council Events or redeem to their Troop for approved Troop Travel plans using the Cookie Dough Reimbursement form. See our Cookie Dough FAQs for more information.

Any Cookie Dough, OC Bucks and Juliette Dollars that were used to pay for camp and council events that have now been cancelled will be reissued for the amount used to pay for the camp/event and will expire on April 30, 2021.