Cookie Dough, OC Bucks & Juliette Dollars Expiring April 30 will be extended until December 31, 2020

All unused Cookie Dough, OC Bucks, and Juliette Dollars with the expiration date of April 30, 2020 will be extended to December 31, 2020. Girls can use their certificates for events and activities that have been postponed, to pay for Day Camp, Council Service Fees, Service Unit and Council Events or redeem to their Troop for approved Troop Travel plans using the Cookie Dough Reimbursement form. See our Cookie Dough FAQs for more information.

Any Cookie Dough, OC Bucks and Juliette Dollars that were used to pay for camp and council events that have now been cancelled will be reissued for the amount used to pay for the camp/event and will expire on April 30, 2021.

Top Cookie Sellers – Save the Date!

Due to the evolving situation involving COVID 19 – all upcoming top seller experiences may be postponed and rescheduled. All Girl Scout experiences prior to May 15 are currently being rescheduled. For more information click here.

Girls will receive invitations via mail and email once event dates are confirmed.

If you have questions in the meantime, please contact GSOC’s Customer Care at

Troop Proceeds Are On The Rise!

Every troop earns more if we make the next Troop proceeds jump!
*Pick-up by the package! Help girls get the packages they need to reach their prize goal (Remember, you can now order less than a case!)
*Walkabout to earn the Patch as a troop/group
*Inspire our community to support our military and food banks. Sell virtual Cookie Share!
*Sell through March 8 using ABC Smart Cookies
*Set a Troop Goal in ABC Smart Cookies
*Earn a Cookie Business Badge
*Ask 100 new customers (If you’ve already made it to 100, reconnect to see if they’ll purchase some virtual Cookie Share.)
*Bling Your Booth & book one more Booth Sale in ABC Smart Cookies. Appeal to those who love to cook. Feature recipes using Girl Scouts Cookies, like how to make scrumptious cookie butter using Shortbreads and awesome milkshakes using Peanut Butter Sandwich cookies!

Use Order Card for Last Chance Orders

Girls should use their order cards to re-connect with customers who already ordered this year. Why?
*Let them know that it is the last week of sales and they will have to wait until next year to get more cookies. Girl Scout Cookies freeze really well!
*See if they would like to donate any packages for the Military and Second Harvest Food Bank. Let them know that these donations are tax-deductible. You can find the receipts HERE.

Have You Been Visited by a Booth Angel?

If not, they are all over the county, looking for troops who are on their game!

Do you have a stellar display board?
Are you in uniform?
Do you know where your Cookie proceeds are going to be used for?
Are the girls asking customers and engaged?
Do you have a display for Cookie Share?
We sure hope that you are having fun! It always shows. Girls who have fun and are engaged, sell more cookies.

The Cookie Swap Site is LIVE!

The Cookie Swap Website allows troops to facilitate exchanges of extra cookies. Instead of placing an order with a cookie cupboard, Girl Scouts can help out their sister troops by participating in a cookie “swap.”

To login to the Cookie Swap site use the current email that you have in ABC Smart Cookies and Volunteer Resource password. If you are unable to login, please contact your Service Unit Cookie Manager.

Troop Case Exchange Day Bonus

Initial Order Bonus troops will have the option to participate in a special Case Exchange Day. So if the variety mix isn’t just right, Initial Order Bonus troops can exchange full cases for a different variety. So if you accidentally order too many Shortbread, you can swap them for Thin Mints! Case Exchange Day is Tuesday, February 25, 2020,  at 9-11 am at Berger Allied 1400 Manhattan Ave, Fullerton 92832. Some limitations apply:

Quantities are limited to stock on hand and exchanged first come, first served. Troops may exchange up to 50% of any variety from their Initial Order in full cases only. No mixed cases accepted. Cases must be unopened and in good condition. Cookies picked-up at Cupboards  and Gluten Free cookies are not included in the Case Exchange Day Bonus.

Click HERE to see the Cookie Program Initial Order Bonus Flyer for all the details.


Collect and Deposit Cookie Money Frequently

Don’t leave cookie money lying around too long. As you collect money from your parents and booth sales promptly deposit it into your Troop account before anything unfortunate can happen to it. Make sure to enter all girl payments in ABC Smart Cookies.

If you’re having problems collecting from parents, let your Service Unit Cookie Manager know right away. The troop should deposit sufficient funds into the troop account no later than February 18 to cover the first payment

Notify Council by February 18 if troop payment amount needs to be adjusted due to insufficient funds by completing the online Payment Adjustment form.

Troops Can Now Run Booth Sale Reports

Run the Booked Booth Sales Summary report in ABC Smart Cookies and verify that your troop has been scheduled for the booth sale locations and times you received at the lottery. Report any errors to your Service Unit Booth Sale Coordinator right away.

Troops may also run the Available Booth Sales Summary report in ABC Smart Cookies to find booth sale shifts that are still available. Booth sale locations will be identified by each Service Unit’s three-digit report code in front of the store name. Using this code will help you identify which locations belong to your Service Unit since the report will list all available locations Council-wide.

Need Additional Cookies?

The only way to order additional cookies is to place a Planned Order in ABCSmartCookies with your nearest Cupboard beginning January 28. Cupboards will not be able to fulfill call-in, email, or drive-up orders.

Directions on how to place a Planned Order are on pages 17-19 of your Troop Plan Book (link). Please note that email confirmations from the Cupboards will be sent within 24-48 hours of your pickup time.