Check Login and Password for Online Training Before Winter Break

The online Troop Cookie Coordinator training will be available through the holidays. Troop Cookie Coordinators should check their login and password prior to GSOC’s winter break to ensure they have access to website.

The online Troop Cookie Coordinator Training will be available through March for those who wish to review segments later and for new troops who join in after the classroom trainings are completed.

Our final classroom training is January 11, 2020 at the Council office in Irvine. Please register online, walk-ins are also welcome.

Register for Troop Cookie Coordinator Training

Complete Troop Cookie Coordinator training in December so your troop is ready to place their initial order. Complete an in-person training or online training. Please note: the online Troop Cookie Coordinator training has five modules and a knowledge check at the end of each of them. The next module will not load until the knowledge check is completed with a passing score.

TCC Training is Available Today!

Troop Cookie Coordinator Training for the 2020 Cookie Program will be available from November 20, 2019 to March 8, 2020.

Click here for the online training and here for to sign up for an in-person training. This training is required for all Troop Cookie Coordinators. If this is your first time volunteering as the Troop Cooking Coordinator, we highly recommend attending the in-person training.

New this year, we will be offering a special in-person training for new Troop Cookie Coordinators on Tuesday, December 3, 2019 at Council HQ in Irvine from 7-9pm. Click here to register.