Collect and Deposit Cookie Money Frequently

Don’t leave cookie money lying around too long. As you collect money from your parents promptly deposit it into your Troop account before anything unfortunate can happen to it. Make sure to enter all girl payments in ABCSmartCookies.

If you’re having problems collecting from parents, let your Service Unit Cookie Manager know right away. The troop should deposit sufficient funds into the troop account no later than February 19, 2019 to cover the first payment

Notify Council by 3pm on February 19, 2019 if troop payment amount needs to be adjusted due to insufficient funds by completing the online Payment Adjustment Form.

See pages 25-27 in the Troop Plan Book for more information.

Need Additional Cookies?

The only way to order additional cookies is for the Troop Cookie Coordinator to place a Planned Order in ABCSmartCookies with the nearest Cupboard or Cookie Jar. Cupboards and Cookie Jars will not be able to fulfill call-in, email, or drive-up orders.

Directions on how to place a Planned Order are on pages 17-19 of the Troop Plan Book. Please note that email confirmations will be sent within 24-48 hours of your pickup time.

2019 Mega Delivery Volunteer Information

The 2019 Mega Delivery will take place January 26, 2019. A Mega Delivery takes the hard work and dedication of over 1200 people and most of them are volunteers, just like you. It’s an awesome adventure and we thank you in advance for being prepared to help this process move smoothly! Here is how you can help:

  1. Recruit one adult volunteer per troop per two hour shift. Inform your Service Unit Cookie Manager who is your troop’s volunteer.
  2. Sign in at the Mega Delivery Volunteer Check-in table prior to orientation.
  3. Volunteer cannot be same person picking up cookies.
  4. Volunteers must be physically able to see, hear, stand, walk, and lift up to 10lbs.
  5. Volunteers do NOT have to be Girl Scouts! Great fun for Dads, grandparents, neighbors, and friends.
  6. For safety reasons, no children permitted.
  7. Bring a water bottle, snacks, sunscreen, hat, and dress for the weather.

Click here for more information about the 2019 Mega Delivery.

Cookie Cupboards

The only way to order additional cookies is to place a Planned Order in ABCSmartCookies with your nearest Cookie Cupboard beginning January 29, 2019. Cupboards will not be able to fulfill call-in, email, or drive-up orders.

Directions on how to place a Planned Order are on pages 17-20 of your Troop Plan Book. Please note that email confirmations from the Cupboards will be sent within 24-48 hours of your pickup time.

Mega Delivery Pick-Up Information

If your Service Unit and Troop are participating in a Mega Delivery on Saturday, January 26, 2019 please review the following information.

For instructions, please click on your delivery location: Saddleback Church or Anaheim Business Complex. Please print and bring dashboard signs and pickup maps.

  • Service Units at Saddeback Church: 403 Tustin East, 404 Newport Mesa, 405 Newport Harbor, 501 South Irvine, 502 Heart of Irvine, 503 North Irvine, 505 Aliso Viejo, 506 Niguel Coast, 602 Lake Forest, 603 Rancho Portola, 604 Mission Viejo, 605 Rancho Trabuco, 606 Oso Valley, 607 Ladera Valley
  • Service Units at Anaheim Business Complex: 101 Brea, 102 Fullerton/La Habra, 103 La Cypress Park, 104 Anaheim, 201 Placentia, 202 Yorba Linda West, 203 Yorba Linda East, 204 Orange Villa, 205 Anaheim Hills, 206 Santigo Creek, 302 West Garden, 304 Ocean View, 305 HB Pierside, 306 Surf City , 401 Garden Valley, 402 Tustana

Determine Who Will Pick-up Cookies:

  • Cookie pick-up drivers must be Girl Scouts (Leaders, Troop Cookie Coordinators, or Troop Helpers). Troops are financially responsible for order as signed.
  • Bring enough vehicles to pick up entire order at once (no RVs or motorhomes, please). Click here for more information.
  • Bring copy of Troop Initial Order report (see Troop Plan Book page 14).
  • Do not bring children, pets, or passengers. It is not safe and you will need all your space for cookies!
  • You may bring another person (not driving) to walk with the car and verify the count.
  • Troops must pick up their cookies on January 26, 2018 during their Service Unit time slot.

Arrive During Your Cookie Pick-up Time:

  • Arrive anytime within your Service Unit time window.
  • Print out and display dashboard sign with troop number.
  • Follow the Girl Scout signs to the distribution area.
  • All Troop vehicles must be in line together. Otherwise you will have to pull out of line, exit, wait for the late car, and re-enter the queue.
  • Drivers remain inside their vehicles. Cookies will be counted and loaded into your vehicle for you! Ensure Dashboard Sign is visible.
  • Delivery will take about 30 minutes. However, we cannot predict busy times, so you may have to wait.
  • Each Troop will be accompanied by a counter and directed to a loading station.
  • Stop at Check Out station to sign verifying product count. Only a Girl Scout Troop Helper may pick-up and sign for cookies. You will also receive a troop packet of program materials.
  • Please proceed to the exit as soon as your order is complete or pull over and park in designated area to double check cookie count or ask questions at the Information booth.

Volunteers and staff will be distributing 80,000+ cases of Girl Scout cookies to 900+ Troops at two sites all in one day!

Thank you for helping to make this Mega Delivery successful!

Mystery House Hosts Needed

Our Mystery House promotion is to encourage girls to keep going door-to-door after the booth sale period begins. The goal is to have at least one Mystery House in every Service Unit. The first Girl Scout selling cookies to stop by this secret location will earn a special patch!

Would you like to host a Mystery House for your Service Unit? Do you know someone who might be interested in doing this? Click here to sign up. For more information, see the Mystery House Host Flyer.

Irvine Cookie Cupboard Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are needed to help pass out cookies at our Irvine Cookie Cupboard once a week for 3 hour shifts (9am-12pm or 1pm-4pm). The cupboard will be open Monday-Thursday from January 31-March 10, 2019. Step up to help for 4-6 shifts so our Irvine Cookie Cupboard can better meet the needs of our Troop Cookie Coordinators!

Please email for for information.

Volunteer Role Selection in MyGS

Please make sure the adults associated with your troop have the correct roles selected in MyGS. Any adult who plans to volunteer with your troop but are still listed as “Adult Member” will need to change their role to Troop Helper, Troop Cookie Coordinator, or other designated role. Please advise parents to make updates to their MyGS profile by logging in and selecting the Volunteer Role button at the top of the screen.

Email with any additional questions.

SUCM Part 1 Training is Available Today!

Service Unit Cookie Managers- click here for the Service Unit Cookie Manager Part 1 Training. This training will be available online from November 19- December 3, 2018.

The Part 2 Workshop will be at the GSOC Headquarters on Wednesday, November 28, 2018. Click here to register. There will be a makeup session at the GSOC Headquarters on Monday, December 3, 2018. Click here to register.

Cookie Rookie Talks

Are you thinking of participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program for the first time? Talk to your Service Unit about Cookie Rookie talks! These are brief, informal Q&A sessions for volunteers (especially new Leaders and potential new Troop Cookie Coordinators) to learn about the Cookie Program, how girls benefit from participating, what key volunteer roles help your experience to be a success, and of course…. how to get started!

Contact your Service Unit for the date, time, and location for your local Cookie Rookie Talk! Service Units- click here for Cookie Rookie Talk Tips.