Tips for Troops!

Be ready to participate in our 2020 Girl Scout Cookie Program! See below for some Tips for Troops or click here for a printable flyer.

  1. Ensure all Girl Scouts are registered for 2020.
    • Check your Girl Roster in the Volunteer Toolkit.
    • If any girl is not showing up, determine if she needs to register, renew or complete a transfer request. Email for assistance.
  2. Recruit a Cookie Team of adult volunteers.
    • Refer to our flyer for ideas on how to divide up the tasks.
    • Don’t do it all yourself.
  3. Ensure your Cookie Team is ready for training!
    • Check to see if adult volunteers are registered with a current background screening on file.
    • Volunteers should register for classroom training or set-up an ID and password for GSOCLearning site to complete training online.
  4. Submit Troop Banking form.
  5. Set Goals with Girls!
    • What do your girls want to learn this year? Who do they want to help? Where would they like to go?
    • Once your girls have set goals, you can determine how much money is needed to fund their plans…that’s your troop’s cookie goal!
  6. Be in the know!

2020 Cookie Program Series for Juliettes

The 2020 Girl Scout Cookie Program Juliette Series is designed exclusively for independently registered Girl Scouts. Girls will have the opportunity to earn funds to support their favorite Girl Scout activities and participate in parent/daughter booth sales.

Click here to opt-in to participate in the Juliette Cookie Series and a volunteer will contact you with more information. Click here to view the Juliette Family Guide.

Register for 2020 Cookie Kick-Off

Registration is open for our 2020 Cookie Kick-Off Program Event on Sunday, January 19 at the Phoenix Club in Anaheim! Girl Scouts, troop leaders, volunteers, and families are invited to come together and experience skill-building booths, participate in tastings, meet entrepreneurial experts, check out new merch at the Girl Scout shop, and more! Plus, get pumped up for the best Girl Scout Cookie Season yet with cheers and fun at the Cookie Pep Rally. Click here for more information.

Save the Date for the 2020 Cookie Kickoff!

Join hundreds of fellow Girl Scouts at the cookie rally on Sunday, January 19, 2020 to kick-off a great Cookie Season! Learn about the Girl Scout Cookie Program; master goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics. Enjoy 20+ activities, and more! Cookie Kickoff is for everyone! Click here for more information.

Volunteers are also needed! Check out the list of stations and activity descriptions or create a new activity station that features one or more of the 5 Skills. Click here for more information and to sign up!

Order Your 2020 Gluten Free Cookies NOW!

Troops interested in selling Gluten Free Caramel Chocolate Chip Cookies must place their order by September 22, 2019 using this link. These cookies will not be available to order after this date or stocked in cupboards.

How Does the Pre-order Work?

  • Your order is applied towards Initial Order total cases for the bonus.
  • Your gluten free cookies will be distributed in January with troop initial cookie order.
  • NEW! Gluten free cookies will now be sold for $6 (all other varieties will remain $5).
  • Gluten free cookies will be tracked in cookie program software like all other varieties.
  • Troop must place their order by September 22, 2019.
  • Your order of gluten free cookies will be included in the first troop payment in February.
  • Troops earn the same proceeds per package and credit towards girl rewards as other varieties

Troops must meet the following criteria in order to participate in the gluten free pre-order:

  1. Leaders and girls registered for the 2019-2020 membership year.
  2.  New Troop Troop Banking Form  file beginning August 1, 2019.

Troop Banking Form Now Live

The online Troop Banking Form is now live. As stated in the Troop Financial Guidelines, troops must complete a new Troop Banking Form annually as well as upload a copy of a voided check.

Troops also must complete a new Troop Banking Form whenever there is a change to the troop’s banking information (including a change in signers).

If you need to update information previously submitted, please select, “No- our bank information has changed” for the first question.

New- Cookie Entrepreneur Family Pin!

The year-by-year Cookie Entrepreneur Family pin collection is the latest addition to the Girl Scout Cookie Program—and was inspired by and designed for families just like yours!

It’s never been easier to support your girl as she develops business skills, makes amazing memories, and earns a different pin for her uniform every cookie season. The simple, age-specific guidelines have been tailored for her developing skill set, making success a snap. Click here for more information.

Register for VolCon!

Troops and Service Units- register now for the annual GSOC Volunteer Conference on Saturday, August 10, 2019 at Chapman University in Orange! There are over 40 workshops for you to Discover, Connect, and Take Action for volunteers working with girls at every Girl Scout level. Click here for more information.

2020 Cookie Program Dates

September 22, 2019: Gluten Free Cookie Order Due

November 13, 2018: Service Unit Cookie Manager Part 1- Online Training live

November 19, 2019: Service Unit Cookie Manager Part 2- Workshop at HQ

November 20, 2019: Troop Cookie Coordinator Online & Classroom Trainings begin

January 7, 2020: Troop Initial Order Due

January 19, 2020: Cookie Rally Event

January 24-26, 2020: Cookie Deliveries

January 26, 2020: Cookie Program Begins!

February 14, 2020: Booth Sales Begin

March 8: 2020 Cookie Program Ends!