Have You Been Visited by a Booth Angel?

If not, they are all over the county, looking for troops who are on their game!

  • Do you have a stellar display board?
  • Are you in uniform?
  • Do you know where your Cookie proceeds are going to be used for?
  • Are the girls asking customers and engaged?
  • Do you have a display for Cookie Share?

We sure hope that you are having fun! It always shows. Girls who have fun and are engaged, sell more cookies.

Cancel Unwanted Booth Sales in ABCSmartCookies

If your troop has booked booth sales in ABCSmartCookies that you have decided not to attend, troops must cancel unwanted booth sales in the Booth Scheduler at least 48 hours in advance. We have many troops still looking to sign up for booth sales and they could use these valuable locations!

Please note that Waze Booth Sale locations must be canceled by 10am the Monday prior. For more information, see page 22 of your Troop Plan Book.

Waze Booth Sales

GSOC will advertise specific booth sale sites in each Service Unit using Waze, the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app. If troops sign up for a Waze Booth Sale, they must guarantee to be at the booth with a mix of cookie varieties and also sell Cookie Share. If a troop must cancel a Waze booth shift, it is mandatory to cancel the shift in the Booth Sale Scheduler in ABCSmartCookies by 10am the Monday prior. For more information, see page 22 of your Troop Plan Book.

Booth Sales Begin Today!

Remember that all booth sales must be arraigned though your Service Unit Booth Sale Coordinator to ensure permissions and insurance requirements are met.

Make sure to run the Booth Sale Location Report in ABCSmartCookies to see all of your troop’s reserved booth sales with full address information and notes about a location’s special circumstances. Make sure to bring a copy of this report to every booth sale!

Booth Sale Reports

Run the Booked Booth Sales Summary report in ABCSmartCookies to verify your troop booth sale locations and times. Report any errors to your Service Unit Booth Sale Coordinator right away.

Troops may also run the Available Booth Sales Summary report in ABCSmartCookies to find booth sale shifts that are still available. Booth sale locations will be identified by each Service Unit’s three-digit report code in front of the store name. Using this code will help you identify which locations belong to your Service Unit since the report will list all available locations Council-wide.

Cookie Share Jar for Booth Sales

During Booth Sales, encourage customers to donate cookies to charitable organizations (like the Military or Second Harvest Food Bank) by using a Cookie Share Jar!

Find the jar labels here and the soldier pictures for the bottom of the jar here. You can use any jar and any items you want to add to the jar (this is just one idea).

Remember both girls and troops will receive credit for every box donated to Cookie Share!

Booth Sale Scheduler Now Open!

Beginning at noon on February 6, 2019, all troops will have access to the ABCSmartCookies Booth Scheduler. All unreserved booth sale shifts will be open on a first come first serve basis. Troops may reserve or cancel booth sale shifts at any location council-wide through the end of the program.

Booth sale sign-ups are in “real time.” This means troops will be able to select from all available booth sales, and once selected, it will automatically be removed as a possible choice. When a troop cancels a booth sale, it will become immediately available for other troops to select. If a troop is unable to use a scheduled time they must cancel in ABCSmartCookies immediately so another troop may reserve the time slot. See page 21 of the Troop Plan Book for more information.

How to Prepare Your Cookie Pro For Questions About Prop 65

In accordance with new regulations, which took effect in August of 2018, we are required to print California’s Proposition 65 Warning this year on cookie order cards and rewards flyers and display the warning at booth sales. The new regulations impact many California retailers, restaurants, and grocery stores.

We are confident that customers will still want to enjoy Girl Scout Cookies – a time-honored treat. If you do have customers ask about the Prop 65 warning, we have created the resource “How to prepare your Cookie Pro for questions about Prop 65” to support you and your Girl Scout with this year’s program.

Copies of the notice were sent to your Service Unit Materials Coordinator. Your Troop Cookie Coordinator can provide you with a notice for your table. A printable version is also available here. For additional guidance around Prop 65, please review our 2019 Cookie Program FAQ and Girl Scouts’ Proposition 65 FAQ.

If you have additional questions that these materials do not answer, contact us at customercare@girlscoutsoc.org.