Have You Been Visited by a Booth Angel?

If not, they are all over the county, looking for troops who are on their game!

Do you have a stellar display board?
Are you in uniform?
Do you know where your Cookie proceeds are going to be used for?
Are the girls asking customers and engaged?
Do you have a display for Cookie Share?
We sure hope that you are having fun! It always shows. Girls who have fun and are engaged, sell more cookies.

Booth Sales Begin Today!

Remember that all booth sales must be arranged through your Service Unit Booth Sale Coordinator to ensure permissions and insurance requirements are met.

Make sure to run the Booth Sale Location Report in ABC Smart Cookies to see all of your troop’s reserved booth sales with full address information and notes about a location’s special circumstances. Make sure to bring a copy of this report to every booth sale!

Troops Can Now Run Booth Sale Reports

Run the Booked Booth Sales Summary report in ABC Smart Cookies and verify that your troop has been scheduled for the booth sale locations and times you received at the lottery. Report any errors to your Service Unit Booth Sale Coordinator right away.

Troops may also run the Available Booth Sales Summary report in ABC Smart Cookies to find booth sale shifts that are still available. Booth sale locations will be identified by each Service Unit’s three-digit report code in front of the store name. Using this code will help you identify which locations belong to your Service Unit since the report will list all available locations Council-wide.