Donation Option Removed from ABC Smart Cookies Girl URL

ABC Bakers is continuously monitoring the performance of the new Smart Cookies touchless features implemented this season. They have received feedback from us and other councils that the option for consumers to select donation in lieu of an approved girl delivery order is causing frustration and confusion.

Effective Wednesday, January 20, the donation option has been removed from the Girl URL. This feature will be re-evaluated for potential redesign next season. Note, the donation option is still available on e-Cards.

Outstanding orders where the donation option was checked prior to the change will still work according to the parent’s approval or denial of the order. We believe this change will improve the user experience for both the consumer and parent. Thank you for your patience and understanding in this change!

Original Design:

Updated Design:


ABC Smart Cookies and Volunteer Resources Link

Where are these and how do I get to them?

ABC Smart Cookies– The online system used to manger your troop’s cookie program. Your ID and password will be given to you by your Service Unit Cookie Manager. Girl launch emails will be sent January 4, 2021.

Volunteer Resources Link– A password protected website where forms and other information regarding the cookie program can be found. The ID and password for the Volunteer Resources Link can be found on the front of your plan book.

Please email for any additional questions.