Get Your Girls Registered Now!

To ensure that girls in your troop are able to participate in the 2019 Cookie Program, please ask your Troop Leaders to log into MyGS and check your troop roster for accuracy. Beginning in December, ABCSmartCookies will be uploaded on a weekly basis with all registered troop girls from our Girl Scout Membership database. To check that all of the girls in your troop are listed in ABCSmartCookies, access the Troop Roster under My Troop in ABCSmartCookies.

If girls are missing in ABCSmartCookies, please complete the following steps to ensure that all of your troop girls are registered:

  • Work with troop parents and leaders to ensure registrations are submitted in MyGS for any missing girls.
  • Submit transfer requests to for girls who have transferred into your troop or for girls who are no longer participating with your troop. Be sure to put “Cookie-Girl Transfer” in the subject line of your email.
  • If a girl’s name does not show up in ABCSmartCookies one week after she has registered, please contact Customer Care at Be sure to put “Cookie-Girl Missing” in the subject line. They will check to see if the girl’s registration was completed.

Troops will NOT be able to add, edit, or delete girls in ABCSmartCookies.