Troop Initial Order Bonus 2017


jacekt-with-logoOrder 85% of the total of packages your troop sold last year* by Tuesday, January 10, 2017 Initial Order Deadline and receive a special BONUS of a GSOC Branded Patch Jacket for each girl**, and Case Exchange Day+ privilege!

Initial Order Bonus Flyer with additional details!

All requirements must be complete by Tuesday, January 10, 2017 at 11:59pm:

  1. Troop order placed in Snap of at least 85% of cookies sold last year** (See 2016 Cookie Sales History Chart)
  2. Troop Cookie Coordinator has completed training
  3. Troop has submitted Troop ACH Authorization (TAA) form
  4. Complete online Patch Jacket Order Form

*Returning Troops see minimum order required on 2016 Cookie Sales History Chart. If your troop sold less than 90 cases last year; your troop must order at least 9 cases per girl to receive patch jackets. New troops may qualify for BONUS requirement #1 by ordering 85% of the per girl average for troop level times the number of girls in your troop (see chart below). 

**Number of girls in troop is determined by number of girls in Salesforce/Snap by January 10, 2017. Girls who register or transfer into troop after the deadline are not eligible for the patch jacket.



Troop Case Exchange Day

Bonus troops will have the option to participate in a special CASE EXCHANGE DAY+. So if the variety mix isn’t just right, Bonus troops can exchange full cases for a different variety. So if you accidentally order too many Shortbread, you can swap them for Thin Mints! Some limitations apply.

+Case Exchange day is scheduled for March 1, 2017 at the Fullerton Warehouse only. Quantities are limited to stock on hand and exchanged first come, first served. Troops may exchange up to 50% of any variety from their Initial Order in full cases only. No mixed cases accepted. Cases must be unopened and in good condition. Cookies picked-up at Cupboards or Warehouses and Gluten Free cookies are not included in the Case Exchange Day BONUS.


Get Your Girls Registered NOW!

Did you know that for the 2017 Cookie Program you will not be able to add or delete girls in SNAP+? In order to ensure that girls in your troop are able to participate in the 2017 Cookie Program, please ask your Troop Leaders to log on to MyGS and check your troop roster for accuracy by December 15.

Girls will be uploaded into Snap+ (our Cookie program software) from our membership registration database.  This process will help improve our data integrity for both databases.  Please begin coaching your Troop Leaders the following:

  • All girls data will be uploaded from our Girl Scout database twice a week on Monday and Thursday
  • Troops should review their Troop Roster in MyGS.
  • Need changes? Email
  • Troop Cookie Coordinators should check Snap to see if all of their girls are entered.  Work with their parents & Leaders to ensure registrations are submitted for any missing girls or submit transfer requests to with “transfer” in the subject line for girls who are no longer participating with their troop by December 15, 2016 to ensure the girls are reflected in Snap+ prior to the start of the cookie program.
  • Troops will not have access to make changes in Snap+


Cookie Series for GSI’s

The Cookie Series is a way for Girl Scout Independents and girls who’s troops have not yet formed to be involved in the Cookie Program. There are events where the girls can earn this year’s cookie pin and learn about the 5 skills associated with the Cookie Program. They can participate in the cookie program and earn prizes as well as Juliette Dollars. CLICK HERE for more information! CLICK HERE to register for the series. Any girl who wishes to participate in any part of the series needs to be registered.


Service Unit Cookie Manager Workshop

Service Unit Cookie Manager Workshop is at 7pm (be there by 6:57 for “On Time” Drawing) on Wednesday November 30th in the Juliette Gordon Low Conference Room at GSOC Headquarters.

This training will prepare you to facilitate the Cookie program in your Service Unit including distribution, drop shipments, order taking, Cookie Share, Snap website and support for Troop Cookie Managers.

Come join the fun! Snacks, prizes and games make it a fun learning environment!


Volunteer Role Selection in MyGS

Please make sure the adults associated with your troop have the correct roles selected in MyGS. Any adult who plans to volunteer with your troop but are still listed as “Adult Member” will need to change their role to Troop Helper (formerly “Responsible Adult”), Troop Cookie Coordinator, or other designated role.  Please advise parents to make updates to their MyGS profile by logging in and selecting the Volunteer Role button at the top of the screen.

mygsClick HERE for tutorial videos on how to select roles.


Service Unit Cookie Manager Training Part 1 is LIVE

Please click HERE for the Service Unit Cookie Manager Part 1 Training.

Part 2 Workshop will be at the GSOC Headquarters on November 30th at 6:57pm. There will be a make up workshop on December 5th at the GSOC Headquarters at 6:57pm.

This is ONLY for Service Unit Cookie Managers. Troop Cookie Manager Workshops will begin December 3rd. Click HERE for the calendar and to register.


Troop Cookie Coordinator Training

Starting SATURDAY, DECEMBER 3, 2016 classroom training throughout Orange County will be available, please sign up via Ebiz on the Council Calendar.


Online TCC Training will be available on December 1st at

Be sure to log-in! if you complete training as a guest you won’t get credit for it. Once logged in you will find the training under the Cookies menu.

When you are in the “Troop Cookie Coordinator online certification” link , you need to enroll in class: click on the “Enroll me in this course” link on the right hand side of the screen. Another screen will pop up, click “Enroll Me” then you should be able to complete the training and access the quiz. If you don’t enroll in the class you will not be offered the quiz.

When you have successfully passed both quizzes you will see the certificate of completion at the end of quiz two. Print this screen and send it to your SUCM as proof that you have completed the TCC training.

Family Members Welcome! How to Invite Parents to Help

Family Members Welcome! How to Invite Parents to Help

Have you asked your Girl Scout families for help? Seems likes no one’s reading your emails? Try these 5 techniques for getting more adult involvement.

  1. Ask in a positive upbeat way. Showcase the fun side of each volunteer opportunity. Girl Scouts welcomes family helpers!
  2. Invite parents to a briefing to explain their role. Find fun opportunities for parents to engage in the Girl Scout experience for a day or more!
  3. Match talents to tasks. A parent who is good with numbers will enjoy being a Troop Treasurer, a Dad with a sales background could be a great Troop Cookie Coordinator, and a Grandparent might be willing to be your emergency contact during an outing.
  4. Divide jobs into smaller tasks. Now is the time to recruit a Troop Cookie Support Team where one person does the online computer tasks, another picks-up more cookies at cupboards, and a third person tracks cookies & money using a worksheet and receipts.
  5. Say Thank You! Recognize individual efforts with a Girl Scout ceremony where girls can present adults the Girl Scout pin and a handmade card.

Girl Scout roles such as snack provider and badge helper are supervised by the Leadership Team and have no special requirements. Roles involving girl supervision or money management require adults to become official Volunteers by joining and completing a background screening. See your Volunteer Essentials handbook for more helpful ideas.

2017 Cookie Recognition Event Dates


boomers500+ Club:
Boomer’s Girl’s Day Out (GIRLS ONLY): Sunday, May 7th – daytime

pirate-adventure-dinner750+ Club:
Private Pirate Party followed by a Pirate Dinner Adventure (Girl + Guardian): Sunday April 23 – daytime

harbor-cruise-date-night1000+ Club:
Elegant Harbor Cruise (Girl + Guardian): Saturday, May 13th – daytime

1000+ Club:
Top Seller Reception (Girl + 3 Guests): Wednesday, May 31st

disney2500+ Club:
Disney VIP Experience (Girl + Guardian): Saturday, June 3rd – All day

Cookie Rookie Talks (Presented by Service Unit)

bu_mascot3Are you thinking about participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program for the first time? Join us for a Cookie Rookie Talk! These are brief informal Q & A sessions for volunteers (especially new Leaders & potential new Troop Cookie Coordinators) to learn about the Cookie Program, how Girl Scouts benefit from participating, what key volunteer roles help your experience be a success, and of course, how to get started. You are welcome to attend any session listed. There is no need to RSVP and walk-ins are welcome. We look forward to seeing you there!

For a list of  talks near you, please see the Service Unit Cookie Rookie Talks Form.

 Create your Troop Cookie Support Team!

Now is the time to recruit your Troop Cookie team to support your girls in running their Girl Scout nut & magazine business.

Volunteers must complete the membership registration/renewal process  and select/renew their role and complete the background screening process in order to supervise girls and/or handle money or cookies.

circle cookie image

Troop Cookie Coordinator (Dec 2016– May 2017)

Trains parents, girls, and Cookie Support team, manages the SNAP software, receives & distributes cookies to families, collects money & makes deposits, signs up troop for booth sales, receives & distributes recognitions to girls. Must have Excel software and be able to use spreadsheets. Training will be available online and in-person in December.

Initial Order Pick-Up (Jan  28-30)

Picks up & signs for initial cookie order from Service Unit distributor receives training from Troop Cookie Coordinator.

Cookie Distributor (Jan 28-30)

Assists Troop Cookie Coordinator to distribute cookies to parents & girls, helps keep track using receipts & T-2 Excel spreadsheet.

Cookie Pick-Up (Feb 2—Mar 12)

Picks up & signs for cookies from a cookie warehouse, cupboard or jar for Troop Cookie Coordinator. Receives training from Troop Cookie Coordinator.

Booth Sale Helpers (Feb 17—Mar 12)

Supervises girls & money at a cookie booth sale. Must complete Online Booth Sale Training.

For more information about these exciting volunteer opportunities, please contact your Girl Scout Troop leadership team and visit our website at

Cookie Troop 100!


Unlock this cool patch in just 4 easy steps!


STEP 1 – Set a troop goal and share the plan for your cookie money – what cool stuff will you do to improve your community this year?

STEP 2Earn a Cookie Business badge – you can take your pick!

STEP 3 – As a troop, ask 100 NEW customers to buy cookies.

STEP 4Bling Your Booth. Gather your troop and get those creative juices flowing to come up with a fun theme – a party, a race, a cookie disco – what will it be? You can include a Cookie 100th twist. Just remember to snap a cool photo!

Once you have done the above steps, you can purchase the patch for $1 each.

Check out the FAQ’s for additional information.

Click HERE for all of the rules.