Case Exchange Day Bonu$

Troop Case Exchange Day

Bonus troops will have the option to participate in a special CASE EXCHANGE DAY+. So if the variety mix isn’t just right, Bonus troops can exchange full cases for a different variety. So if you accidentally order too many Shortbread, you can swap them for Thin Mints! Some limitations apply.

+Case Exchange day is March 1, 2017 at the Fullerton Warehouse only. Quantities are limited to stock on hand and exchanged first come, first served. Troops may exchange up to 50% of any variety from their Initial Order in full cases only. Cases must be in good condition. No mixed cases accepted. Cookies picked-up at Cupboards/Jars or Gluten Free cookies are not included in the Case Exchange Day BONUS.

March 1, 2017

9:00am – 2:00pm

Berger Transfer & Storage

501 Burning Tree Rd, Fullerton, CA 92833

First come, first served.  Lines will be long in the morning.

The Cookie Swap Site is LIVE!

The Cookie Swap Website allows troops to facilitate exchanges of extra cookies. Instead of placing an order with a cookie warehouse, cupboard or jar, Girl Scouts can help out their sister troops by participating in a cookie “swap.”


To login to the Cookie Swap site use the current email that you have in Snap (found by going to “My Account” and “Edit Profile”) and Volunteer Network password. If you are unable to login, please contact your Service Unit Cookie Manager.

Celebrate National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend!


Purchase the Patch at!

Ways to Celebrate:

  • Wear your Girl Scout uniform to school (vest/sash, GS pins, white shirt & khaki bottoms)

(Bonus:  See if your Troop can lead the pledge or make announcements!)

  • Host a Cookie or Lemonades Stand on your own Orange County residence
  • Ask your Troop Cookie Coordinator how to participate in a Booth Sale
  • Use COCO ( to set goals

(Be sure to complete the Internet Safety Pledge  with your parent first)

  • Use COCO to market your sale by sending emails to family & friends

(Bonus – Earn the Team COCO patch by sending 15+ emails!)

Tell us how you celebrated National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend!  Have your parent post a photo to our Facebook page or email

Find these Selling Tools and more at  and

Bundling Labels: Chocolate Lovers, Got Milk?, Freezer Label, Thank You!

Distribute Join Cards Received at Megas

Distribute Join Cards at your cookie booth sale!

Cookie season is the perfect time to invite others to join the Girl Scout adventure. You can help more girls and adults experience the fun and excitement of Girl Scouts by distributing Join Cards at your cookie booth sale.

How to use these cards:Card 1

  1. Ask customers if they know someone who might want to join Girl Scouts
  • If they say yes, hand them a join card.
  • If they don’t show interest, thank them for their time and their Girl Scout cookie purchase.Card 2Hand customers a Join Card with their cookie order who…
  • Are with girls who aren’t yet Girl Scouts.
  • Inquire about joining Girl Scouts.
  • Are parents, grandparents, or potential volunteers.

card 3

  1. Place the Join Card in the front of your cookie booth
  • Making the cards easy to see will allow future Girl Scouts and volunteers to take a Join Card if you are busy helping another customer.

Join Card packs were handed out at the Mega Drop. Please call Membership at 949-461-8800 if you need more!

Thank you for inviting others to become G.I.R.L.s (Go Getters, Innovators, Risk Takers, and Leaders™) with Girl Scouts!

Cancel Unwanted Booth Sales in Snap!

If your troop has booked booth sales in Snap that you have decided not to attend, troops must cancel unwanted booth sales in the Snap Booth Scheduler at least 24 hours in advance. We have many troops still looking to sign up for booth sales and they could use these valuable locations!! Plus we have received emails from frustrated customers that have used the Booth Locator website only to find no Girl Scouts at that location.

Please make the extra effort to cancel unwanted booth sales in Snap.

For directions on how to cancel booth sales in Snap please see page 28 in the pink Troop Plan Book.


Cookie Troop 100!


Unlock this cool patch in just 4 easy steps!


STEP 1 – Set a troop goal and share the plan for your cookie money – what cool stuff will you do to improve your community this year?

STEP 2Earn a Cookie Business badge – you can take your pick!

STEP 3 – As a troop, ask 100 NEW customers to buy cookies.

STEP 4Bling Your Booth. Gather your troop and get those creative juices flowing to come up with a fun theme – a party, a race, a cookie disco – what will it be? You can include a Cookie 100th twist. Just remember to snap a cool photo!

Once you have done the above steps, you can purchase the patch for $1 each plus a code for free shipping!

Check out the FAQ’s for additional information.

Click HERE for all of the rules.

Booth Sale Resources – At Your Fingertips!

Have you seen all of the Booth Sale Resources available to you on the Resources and Forms page?

From Guidelines to posters and checklists to Cookie Troop 100 information. Take a look at all of the fun and helpful items available  to make your booth sales a success!

Cookie Share Receipts:Booth 2Posters:Booth 1Fun stickers for customers:Booth 3

Adult Booth Sale Training is LIVE!

Booth Sale Training is LIVE!


What is a Booth Sale?
What is a Fall Stand vs. a Rolling Sale?
How do I become a Responsible Adult?

Get on the fast-track for Booth Sales training!

CLICK for TRAINING to watch the training and return here to CLICK for Certificate and receive your certificate in your email box! Easy!

These are a few of the questions answered in this short, 20 minute adult training!

For training questions, please email or call 949-461-8800

Rain for the First Weekend of Booth Sales?


Booth Sales will take place rain or shine! Here are some tips for conducting Booth Sales in the rain:

  • Some locations will allow for canopies in the rain. Be sure to check the notes section in Snap for your location.
  • Keep the cookies dry!
    • Take a cooler to store the cookies in
    • Keep the cookies off the ground
    • Keep them in a wagon or cart with a tarp over the top
    • Limit the amount of cookies on the table – even if you are under cover – the wind can carry the rain
  • Post your Weather Warrior strategies on our Facebook page! @GirlScoutsOC
  • Remember that if you make it fun, the girls will have fun!
  • If you decide not to attend your booth sale, be sure to release it in Snap 24 hours in advance and let your SU Booth Sale Coordinator know! 



Additional Cookies

Need more cookies?

Place a planned order in Snap to pick up at a cupboard, wait for confirmation from the cupboard then pick up your order on the day and at the time indicated on the confirmation email.

*Be sure that your email has been updated in Snap!

See pages 19-23 in the pink Troop Plan Book for more details.


Collect and Deposit Cookie Money Frequently

Don’t leave cookie money lying around too long. As you collect money from your parents and booth sales promptly deposit it into your Troop account before anything unfortunate can happen to it. Enter all girl payments in Snap. (Booth sale deposits cannot be entered into Snap.)

If you’re having problems collecting from parents, let your Service Unit Cookie Manager know right away. See also: Preventing debt within your troop (pg 2 of delinquency report.)

The troop should deposit sufficient funds into the troop account no later than February 21st to cover the first payment


Notify Council by 3PM on February 21st if troop payment amount needs to be adjusted due to insufficient funds by completing the online Payment Adjustment form.

See pages 31-34 in the pink Troop Plan Book for more information.

Square App for Mobile Sales

Square is offering free processing on your first $1,000 in sales and a free magstripe reader to take card payments. Click the picture below for more details.


Please note that GSOC is not endorsing this app, this is provided for information purposes only. Absolutely no fees can be passed on to our customers. If you are charged any fees, the troop must pay them. Our cookies are sold for $5 a package, no more.

Troops Can Now Run Booth Sale Reports in Snap+

Run the Booked Booth Sales Summary report in SNAP and verify that your troop has been scheduled for the booth sale locations and times you received at the lottery. Report any errors to your Service Unit Booth Sale Coordinator right away. (See page 25 in the pink Troop Plan book.)

Troops may also run the Available Booth Sales Summary report in SNAP to find booth sale shifts that are still available. Booth sale locations will be identified by each Service Unit’s three-digit report code in front of the store name. Using this code will help you identify which locations belong to your Service Unit since the report will list all available locations Council-wide.

If you want to cancel or change a booth sale shift contact your Service Unit Booth Sale Coordinator. If you want to add a booth sale you will be able to do so yourself directly in SNAP beginning February 7th or 8th. February 7th for Early Access troops and February 8th for everyone else. The list of Early Access troops will be posted shortly.